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Completing the Pokedex...

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User Info: Robo-san

3 years ago#1
I wanted to try getting all the species I can so I can store them in the pokébank and transfer to the next gen when it becomes possible. Just so I don't have to catch everything again.

What I want to know is what I need to catch to make sure I'll have the complete thing?
I know I need at least one Pokémon of each species.
But do I NEED the following in order to ensure when I transfer them the dex will have all the info?

1. Own both genders for EACH species
2. Own multi-forme Pokemon in each form
3. Own multi design pattern Pokemon (Vivillon etc) in each of their unique pattern
4- Mega Evolution stones to register mega form for Pokemon I have (This is just curiosity, I know we can't store hold items in the bank)

Help with the answers is greatly appreciated.

User Info: Robo-san

3 years ago#2

User Info: MeowMixMax

3 years ago#3
If a Pokemon has different forms, then you don't need each gender of it since Pokemon with forms don't have a viewable gender differences in the dex, also some Pokemon like Castform and Cherrium just having one of them in the dex automatically puts the other form in your dex.
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User Info: john150bacardi

3 years ago#4
1. Genders won't really matter as long as you won't be having breeding specific sets or since some Pokemon are Male/Female only or no-gender.
2. If you're into torturing yourself, then go for it. But extra forms for Pokemon doesn't matter for Pokedex completion.
3.Same as #2
4. Nope, GF sux and they don't want us storing items in the Bank.
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User Info: Robo-san

3 years ago#5
Great so I just need 1 of each species. Thanks.
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