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This is stupid...

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User Info: Vesper238

3 years ago#11
The Volcano badge was a true gym match.

Pikachu got lucky at Vermilion city
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User Info: Phoenix_Heart

3 years ago#12
Saphirah posted...
Phoenix_Heart posted...
Don't mind the spoiler tags just covering my ass. You know how the mods are.
First season spoilers.

Boulder Badge: He showed compassion and an unwillingness to fight dirty.
Cascade Badge: He saved the gym from TR
Thunder Badge: Won
Rainbow Badge: Saved the leader's favourite pokemon from the fire.
Soul Badge: Won
Marsh Badge: Helped the leader escape her own mental prison.
Volcano Badge: Won
Earth Badge: Won

He legit won four and passed other trials for the other four. Seems fine to me.

Yeah, one could enter the Pokemon league without a single battle through alternative trials? Flawed is flawed.

How about explaining how it's "flawed"? He proved himself to the gym leaders to be a quality trainer. Also if you recall there was an episode with a pokemon test that you can pass and pretty much get in the league w/o badges. The rules in the anime are a bit different.

The episode information if you want
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User Info: Star99gers

3 years ago#13
Stop making excuses for the kid. Flawed is flawed.

User Info: MuTeKiKen

3 years ago#14
****in' double standards. We commend Gary Oak for getting 10 badges in 1 region yet we still praise neither Pikachu nor Ash for beating ground pokemon using electric attacks.

When will we get to say Ash ****in' Ketchum anyway? **** Gary ****in' Oak.

**** club topic takeover
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User Info: SilverZangoose

3 years ago#15
MuTeKiKen posted...
****in' double standards. We commend Gary Oak for getting 10 badges in 1 region yet we still praise neither Pikachu nor Ash for beating ground pokemon using electric attacks.

When will we get to say Ash ****in' Ketchum anyway? **** Gary ****in' Oak.

**** club topic takeover

It is never established in the anime that there is only 8 gyms in Kanto. In fact I remember one episode where there are two rival gyms, one favouring Electabuzz and the other favouring Scyther locked in some kind of turf war, which would make it seem as though there are more than 8, making Gary's feat realistic.

It IS established though that Electric attacks don't affect Ground Pokemon (actually they say Rock, although I assume that's just a mistranslation in the English dub) though, making Ash's feat total BS.
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

3 years ago#16
Don't forget that shocking the hell out of a Pikachu makes his electric attacks effective to Ground types, Pikachu has a superior speed stat to Raichu which allows a Pikachu to beat Raichu, Sabrina has a split personality that can turn people into dolls, and all the other things that are wrong with that show.
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User Info: lyle81992

3 years ago#17
There is a double standard for Ash in general.When Ash wins a Pokemon League(he will win one eventually)the same people who bash him for never winning the League will bash him because he won.
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User Info: Star99gers

3 years ago#18
Misty is cute though.

User Info: MagikarpRules

3 years ago#19
How about Pikachu being unable to harm a Cubone with its Electric attacks (so far, so good), and then easily beat a Marowak WITH said Electric attacks?

Oh, and who can forget both Thunder Armor (more like Plot Armor) and 'The horn!'?

User Info: likeabosssss

3 years ago#20
Kiurx posted...
Seriously the only problem I have with the anime besides the obvious, is that in X and Y Ash has to keep saying "science is so amazing." Makes him sound like a high school drop out ........

...oh wait

He is 10 and never goes to school

but consider that there might be NO schools in the world of pokemon

oh wait... there are preschoolers that you battle (even though you cannot have pokemon before you are 10 and these kids are 4/5/6)
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