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Why does anyone even like Blue/Gary anyway?

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User Info: Lucis_Ferre

4 years ago#31
Fat guy and nerd in X/Y were underdeveloped and left no impression. They were largely just there and it says a lot I can't even remember their names.

Serena/Calem really, really, REALLY need a better ****ing team. X/Y has the biggest selection of Pokemon ever and they spend 2/3 of the game with just 3. To their credit, it is for once not ****ty starter rodent/bird, some half-assed attempt at coverage and starter like Cheren/Bianca, and instead Absol (who's not bad on it's own merits), Meowstic, who is also solid, and the X/Y Starters are good so they'll never be saddled with a bad starter. But that's it. That is entirely it. For 2/3 of the game. I could run 6 Diggersby and I'd win by endurance, and that's without spamming revives either. Once they add their Eeveelution it gets a *little* tougher but not much. If they had 6 sooner, like maybe have 4-5 by the time you fight for the Mega Ring, you'd be able to actually see from a gameplay perspective that holy ****, they're actually a serious trainer. And have them use their Kanto starter. Because seriously.

Character-wise they needed a bit more focus. While the showing of their own growing insecurity with you consistently beating them, and being smart enough to still realize Team Flare were a bigger priority than their own ego (See for the opposite: Blue) was good, their turnaround could be a bit more highlighted, have them show actually finding something to help them stand out a bit more themselves, a bit more of a bigger climax to their arc. Team Flare leader bringing up how you and them couldn't share the Mega Ring was a good move though.

Shauna, while again, sucky battle syndrome, though that Goodra is not to be underestimated, was arguably the strongest of X/Y rivals for character/impression. It was nice to have and see a character who actually enjoyed the world and wanted to share in all the wonders of it with you, X/Y's presentation of places and events lending well to this. Wanting to make great memories, see the world and share it with others is a great thing, especially in contrast to an opposition like Team Flare who want to keep it to themselves. She just could use a stronger personal impact on the plot, like fighting alongside you or solving the door puzzle plot. But I usually looked forward to seeing her and her reactions to stuff.

Well that wound up longer than expected.
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User Info: RedYoshi27

4 years ago#32
I like blue because he does exactly what he says he's going to do. No matter what you do he's always a step a head of you to the very end. Silver was a troubled teen but with a dad like that what do you expect? Wally had potential but failed, Barry was annoying but also failed in the end I also don't remember him mentioning challenging the league or not early on. Cherenkov and sedans are effectively the same I know I'm good if not better than you but never make it all the way Cherenkov just accepts that. I don't remember Hugh, he was mostly about fixing his sister's issue than being a hardcore rival. I can't really count the rest of the crew from xy.
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