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Kyurem-Black question

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User Info: Octaz

3 years ago#11
I am a fish posted...
zelionx posted...
Outrage/DClaw is better than earth power

In a world where Teravolt Earth Power manhandles Rotom-W? I'd beg to differ.

see people say this but I don't see it. What is Rotom-W doing to Kyurem? It's complete and utter setup bait, it can't break your sub, it can't status you, it doesn't matter that you don't kill it quickly with Earth Power since you can take your time and kill w/ Dragon Claw and it doesn't change much

Earth Power kinda helps vs. Aegislash (though if you have sub you should probably beat aegi anyway unless you suck at 50/50s) and it beats Heatran/M-Mawile/some other stuff, but Rotom-W is not remotely relevant to why you should be using it
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