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User Info: itsmeaustin

7 years ago#1
Some guy managed to hook up a GBC emulator to twitch chat, so the stream can "play" pokemon red by imputing commands through the chat.

30 hours and they are just about to enter mount moon. come and watch the carnage

User Info: omgitsjustme

7 years ago#2
My goal now is to get him back to pallet town
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User Info: zelionx

7 years ago#3
Omg this is so hysterical

User Info: FuneralCake

7 years ago#4
If I didn't have anything better to do (ie., literally anything at all) then I would troll this so hard. It just doesn't seem worth it, though.

User Info: zelionx

7 years ago#5
Ok everyone let's all type down and get him back to Pallet

User Info: Ghetsis

7 years ago#6
Oh man, I lost it when they tossed the Bide TM.
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User Info: Puppyfaic

7 years ago#7
I literally can not stop laughing at this. How are they going to get through Mt Moon XD

User Info: zelionx

7 years ago#8
How the f*** did they beat Brock?

User Info: R-A-V

7 years ago#9
zelionx posted...
How the f*** did they beat Brock?

There were fewer people, thus coordination was easier. As you can see, the stream was up for a day now.

User Info: Garchompsaur

7 years ago#10
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