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  3. Looks like illegal pokes can pass pokebank

User Info: ForgottenTime

5 years ago#1

lol, Italian iron fist infernape. For those who are unaware, iron fist infernape can only be in english because the only time it was distributed was from the Walmart event.

Edit: Don't say this poke was bred because due to the breeding mechanics in gen 5, dream world males cannot pass on dream world abilities or pass on their pokeballs.

Edit 2: Don't say it's bred in Kalos region either because it's missing the Kalos Region Marker since it wasn't born in Kalos.

User Info: FugeeBar

5 years ago#2
GG Anti hackers
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User Info: AnimalsRCrossin

5 years ago#3
I'm in awe at the bottom screen.
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User Info: Azure_Flame

5 years ago#4
FugeeBar posted...
GG Anti hackers
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User Info: kingjam1

5 years ago#5
This just confirms what everybody except irrational anti hackers knew.
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User Info: Nastyyyyy

5 years ago#6
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: aDarkShine

5 years ago#9
Not surprising. All the values need to be set legit, and a hacked Pokemon can still be transferred. In your case some values don't even need to matter.
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