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User Info: dragonblade1214

6 years ago#1
Hi everyone, I've been searching around and I read that legendary pokemon now come with 3 perfect IVs? Is this true? Can someone post an example of their legendary pokemon IVs?

My Mewtwo seems good, but I just wanted to make sure.

User Info: x_Paradise

6 years ago#2
just bring him to the poke center in kiloude and check it
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User Info: TutelarSword

6 years ago#3
Any Pokemon that cannot breed gets at least 3 perfect IVs. We have known this for a while. Just try catching the Mewtwo again to test it. You can always use an IV checker on a website for specifics, or the in game IV checker for something more vague but in game.
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User Info: qwart

6 years ago#4
They have AT LEAST 3 perfect IVs, you can get more.

As for an example, my Yveltal is

Yveltal - #717 (Mild) : 31 / 29 / 31 / 31 / 29 / 31
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User Info: dragonblade1214

6 years ago#5
Unfortunately, I saved the game because I just wanted to catch a Timid Mewtwo ASAP to trade a Mewtwonite X for Y.

Its IVs are as follows:


HP: 31
ATK: 30 (nooooo)
DEF: 26
SP.A: 31
SP.D: 26
SPD: 9 (nooooo)

Had I known this I would've kept soft-resetting. :/ But thanks for the info. I guess I've been out of the loop regarding the Pokemon-can't-breed get 3 perfect IVs.
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