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User Info: Lucidious89

7 years ago#1

On Route 16 there is a Fishing Shack where a Fisherman teaches you about "Fishing Streaks". As he explains, a fishing streak is simply fishing up Pokemon back-to-back, without every missing out on a bite. He challenges you to beat his streak of 7 hooked Pokemon in a row, and for this he rewards you with 20 Dive Balls.

Once completed, he gives a hint as to the true purpose of fishing streaks:

"This is just a rumor, but word is that you can catch some rare Pokemon through consecutive fishing!"

With this knowledge, it has been all but confirmed through testing that these "rare" Pokemon that he alludes to are in fact Shiny Pokemon. The goal of this topic is to explain the nature of this new fishing mechanic as best as it's understood so far.

Fishing Streaks

A proper fishing streak requires you to continuously hook a wild Pokemon with a fishing rod without ever pulling up nothing, or missing the timing of the reel. The longer you maintain this streak, the higher your streak will go. The higher your streak, the higher the chances of hooking a shiny Pokemon.

What we know for sure breaks a streak:
-Getting the "Nothing seems to be biting..." message (Random, but the odds are manipulable)
-Getting the "No! You reeled it in too fast!" message (Pressed A too soon)
-Getting the "No! You reeled it in too slow!" message (Pressed A too late)
-Exiting the area in which you're fishing
-Getting into a battle that isn't through fishing
-Exiting the game

What we know for sure does NOT break a streak:
-Running from battles
-Fainting the wild Pokemon

What might possibly break a streak based on a few reports (needs 100% confirmation):
-Encountering a shiny Pokemon
-Capturing a Pokemon

What is unlikely to break a streak based on a few reports (needs 100% confirmation):
-Switching to different rods during a streak
-Going into the menu
-Putting the system into Sleep Mode

Untested scenarios that will most likely break your streak
-Using PSS features to suspend the game and go online to trade/battle/etc.

With every consecutive Pokemon hooked, your streak increases by 1. If anything interrupts this streak, it will reset to zero. The Fisherman in the fishing shack will keep track of your personal best streak, so you can confirm with him at any time to see what your best streak has been so far. If you're unsure you're successfully pulling off a streak, do a quick test by starting a small streak, and then return to him and see if he keeps a tab of this. If it matches the number of times that you kept track of, then you were doing it right.

*Note: It seems to have been confirmed that you can pull off fishing streaks to find shiny Pokemon without needing to talk to the Fisherman or complete his initial quest. Though I recommend doing it anyway just in case, and to help familiarize yourself with the mechanic.

User Info: Lucidious89

7 years ago#2
Getting Prepared

In order to maximize your chances of pulling off an effective fishing streak, there are certain things to consider before heading off.

1) Location, location, location.

Before beating the fisherman's streak of 7, he gives you a hint as to the best places to go to pull off a successful streak. He mentions that areas with objects surrounding the fishing tile, such as rocks, will help increase the odds of fishing up a Pokemon from a tile. Look for small nooks and cornered-in sections of water to cast your rod in to help increase the odds of hooking a Pokemon with each reel. The more sides of the fishing tile that are blocked off, the better.

A personal favorite is a location tucked underneath Ambrette Town, seen here: (picture courtesy of prguitarman)

As you can see in the above image, the tile directly in front of the player is surrounded on all four sides - by the shore to the north, by un-surfable waters to the south, by rocks to the east, and by the player to the west. Searching for these types of cornered-in sections to fish in seems to result in much higher chances of reeling in a Pokemon with each cast.

*Note: It is unconfirmed how much this helps, if at all. It is being based completely off a line of text from the fisherman NPC. But play testing thus far seems to suggest it does greatly increase the odds.

*Note 2: Even though it seems to help, it is not REQUIRED to find these types of spots to fish in. I've personally fished up plenty of shiny Pokemon just standing and casting my line from the shore. With a Suction Cup/Sticky Hold lead, it should be more than enough to maintain a consistent streak.

2) The best rod for the job

If you plan on doing this early on in the game, the earliest you can possibly try is after first obtaining the Old Rod in Ambrette Town. If you're looking to hunt for other Pokemon, you'll have to wait until you receive the improved rods throughout the game.

Good Rod: Courmarine City
Super Rod: Fishing Shack, Route 16 (the very same place where the fishing streak NPC resides)

User Info: Lucidious89

7 years ago#3
3) Field Abilities

Certain Pokemon abilities have secondary field effects that trigger and remain constantly in play while on the field. However, these effects only trigger when the Pokemon with the ability is at the head of your party. Note that the Pokemon *can* be fainted in your lead slot, and still have it's ability in effect. Here are some of the most useful abilities when attempting a Fishing Streak for shiny Pokemon, as well as the Pokemon that have them:

Suction Cups - Increases the odds of hooking a wild Pokemon while fishing.
Pokemon: Octillery, Lileep, Cradily, Inkay, Malamar
Note: Excellent for the purposes of fishing streaks, as you'll almost always get a bite.

Sticky Hold - Increases the odds of hooking a wild Pokemon while fishing.
Pokemon: Gulpin, Swalot, Trubbish, Grimer, Muk, Shellos, Gastrodon, Accelgor
Note: Same as above, just with a different distribution.

Synchronize - Has a 50% chance of finding wild Pokemon with the same nature as the user.
Pokemon: Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Natu, Xatu, Espeon, Umbreon, Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Munna, Musharna, Elgyem, Beheeyem, Mew
Note: Very useful if you plan on trying to capture a specific shiny with the right nature. However, your odds of maintaining a streak are less reliable.

Static - Increases the odds of encountering Electric-type Pokemon
Pokemon: Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu, Voltorb, Electrode, Elekid, Electabuzz, Electivire, Mareep, Flaaffy, Ampharos, Electrike, Manectric, Emolga, Stunfisk
Note: The one and only reason to be using this over anything else is if you're dead set on encountering a shiny Chinchou or Lanturn.

4) Party Build

The rest of your party should be up to the task of capturing the Pokemon you encounter without fail. A False Swiper, a status-inducer with moves such as Sleep Powder or Thunder Wave are highly recommended. Remember that the levels of the wild Pokemon differ with each rod.

Old Rod - Level 15
Good Rod - Level 25
Super Rod - Level 35

Make sure to plan your team accordingly.

5) Don't forget your balls!

Make sure you have a healthy stock of Pokeballs before beginning your streak! You don't want to have to end it prematurely because you're running low. Also think about aesthetics; give your new shiny a cool looking new home!

Things to Keep in Mind

While building your fishing streak, there are a few things to be aware of

1) You are not GUARANTEED to run into a shiny at any point. All this method does is greatly increase your odds. But, as with anything luck based, today might just be an off day for you. Don't get frustrated, take a break and try again later.

2) There are a limited amount of Pokemon found through fishing, so don't be surprised if you end up getting several of the same shiny Pokemon, while completely missing out on the one you actually want. It's all luck.

3) Don't over think what you're doing. You'll psych yourself out and screw up your timing, potentially ruining a long streak. Stay calm, and try to go in without expecting anything out of it. It'll just make you tense.

4) Remember that several Pokemon found through fishing are version exclusive!

Exclusive to Y:

Exclusive to X:

Try and catch duplicates to trade other shiny hunters to collect them all :D

User Info: DragoBlade7

7 years ago#4
sticky pls
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User Info: pokemaniac21

7 years ago#5
good guide, but a question: do encounter abilities stack? for example, say I have a suction cup in the lead fainted, and a synchronizer set to go after? though I doubt this works, it is worth investigating.
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User Info: Rayquaza_is_Z

7 years ago#6
Yo dude! We have the same favorite fishing
I always fished there to catch myself Dragalge's to Wonder

User Info: Valentino16

7 years ago#7
"don't forget your balls"

subtle, yet hilarious. Bravo.
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User Info: Alex_Hayden

7 years ago#8
I assume sleep mode won't break the streak, right? Don't want to end this streak, yet don't feel like continuing right now.
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User Info: FuzzyGorochu

7 years ago#9
Sticky requested.

User Info: FuzzyGorochu

7 years ago#10
Alex_Hayden posted...
I assume sleep mode won't break the streak, right? Don't want to end this streak, yet don't feel like continuing right now.

I don't think so, but my best streak is too high for me to check anything.
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