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User Info: beebarb

6 years ago#11
DarkOceanNights posted...
What's a gastrodon?

I'm guessing you never played Diamond, Pearl or Platinum? Because that is the only way you can't know about Gastrodon.
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User Info: erekwashere15

6 years ago#12
No. You can only obtain West Sea Gastrodon through Friend Safari, and the offspring is the same form as its mother (or in the case of Ditto, the Gastrodon parent).

You'll have to wait until PokeTransfer to get East Sea Gastrodon.
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User Info: codebreaker177

6 years ago#13
I just GTS'ed a Shellos (West Sea). Seems like East Sea Gastrodon will be unavailable for a while, yep.

User Info: AmaboKcorb

6 years ago#14
Alright, thanks for the info guys.
I'll have to wait I guess :(
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