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Friend Safari! Pansear, Ninetales, and Larvesta

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User Info: Maaalek

4 years ago#1
Looking for some more FC's for friend safari. My safari is listed in the subject.
Thanks guys!
3DS FC - 0662 - 3457 - 2990

User Info: DriftedOff

4 years ago#2
3711 - 7837 - 8047


User Info: Ledah999

4 years ago#3
-R Elite-Alexander/Katherine-R Elite-
Pokemon X/Y Friend Code: 4253-4522-6990

User Info: vilsevalle

4 years ago#4
add me, my FC is in the sig
3DS FC: 0490-5666-1867

User Info: scuura

4 years ago#5
Adding. My Safari is fighting, with Meditite, Throh and Tyrogue.
A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.
3DS FC-1950-7499-3581

User Info: linktwo

4 years ago#6
add me 1375-7883-6799
GT: ElderSpiritWolf

User Info: Eisenmeteor

4 years ago#7
Added you.
3DS FC: 0259 1428 5006

User Info: crayzDude

4 years ago#8
FC: 3394-4974-7385
I'm not sure what I have, but I'd like those. Added you.
PSN: EnjoiDude
XBL: Espada Tiburon

User Info: SameOldProphet

4 years ago#9
added you tc.

fc is 2036 - 7285 - 6492

User Info: HeIIKaiser

4 years ago#10
Added you
FC: 2680-9953-3866
Black2 FC: 4470 8768 5749
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