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User Info: Sl0bad

7 years ago#1
Well, I hit the battle tower till I got 200 bp, and bought the sucker.

It's a ONE-time use item, categorized in the recovery slot. Interestingly, it seems to only work for certain 'hidden abilities' (or abilities that are classified as hidden rather than new). It asks for confirmation after telling you what ability it will change into, so I was able to test this on my team.

It DIDN'T work on my speed boost Blaziken, starter greninja (no protean eh...), aegislash, or xerneas, blaze charizard, sand veil garchomp - says no effect for all of them...

However, it did work for woobat (klutz -> unaware), quagsire (damp -> water absorb), goodra (sap sipper -> hydration), and lucario (steadfast -> inner focus).

So it seems like it switches between the non-hidden abilities, but won't let you access hidden abilities.

Did I re-load my save and keep my 200 BP? Hellsyeah.

User Info: ClassyOldHat

7 years ago#2
Oh no... I don't suppose you could take a picture, so I'll know this isn't some cruel joke?

Edited for spelling and such.

User Info: Miggi3Fr3sh

7 years ago#3
This was exactly what I expected. :/
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User Info: FuneralCake

7 years ago#4
Expected. Thanks for clarifying though.

This is really only useful if you're breeding and get something amazing with the wrong ability, or happen to be lucky and catch something amazing in the wild. Or maybe when a Pokemon has two good abilities (which is not very often).

I would have preferred a Dream Capsule type item... I'm sure it'll happen in gen 7 or 8, though.
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User Info: ClassyOldHat

7 years ago#5
I'm still in denial and hoping this is just a joke... 200BP and no hidden ability changing makes it so incredibly situational it's almost not worth even considering. If it were 100 BP, one use and changed hidden abilities too, I could accept that. If it were 50 BP and kept as it, I would be fine with that. But when there are so many good BP exclusive items competing, (I'd save more time from buying the Vitamins than by buying this) this is just garbage.

User Info: hurleytime

7 years ago#6
Ooo ooo Sl0bad!

Burning question: are you in a position to get either a Scolipede or Lampent from the friend safari?

See, these guys have new hidden abilities, and there is some debate as to whether or not there are *multiple* hidden abilities now, or if they simply had their hidden abilities replaced.

If you could test your capsule out on one of these guys, that would be amazing!

User Info: Sl0bad

7 years ago#7
Yeah, I'm not amazed either. But I guess it's an option available to you. Also, maybe there'll be a way to clone items....

And I'll try and test more if I get the right pokemon. I have a feeling that dream world abilities will stay hidden, but pokemon who get 2 new abilities will get to toggle between them.

User Info: -Unowninator-

7 years ago#8
Is buying it for 200 BP really the only way to get this item?

Also, are there any Pokemon w/ event-exclusive moves that also came with a set ability? Because I could see it being useful there.
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