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FC exchange please

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User Info: PKomegaPAX

4 years ago#1
My friend code is 0259-0287-8896

Lets battle, trade and be friends ok :)

User Info: superdog221

4 years ago#2
fc below, ill add u
3ds FC: 4957-2831-0361

User Info: souma331

4 years ago#3
Hi, you can add me! :)
I'm getting Pokemon Y haha.


User Info: VvBlackoutvV

4 years ago#4
Add me as well, I'll add you 3
XBL GT: xVvBlackoutvVx
NNID: VvBlackoutvV 3DS FC: Kam 4012-4526-2069

User Info: BrownGuy25

4 years ago#5
my fc is 0748 2765 4985 and i'll add the 4 of you
Pokemon White 2 FC: 5329 8711 8829 Name is Bryant

User Info: excelx2

4 years ago#6
My friend code is 0344 9466 9781
I'll add ye all
Pokemon Black Friend Code - 5243 4115 9345
3DS Friend Code - 0344 9466 9781

User Info: theoriginalryan

4 years ago#7
Fc is in Sig

i'll add above and msg me if you add me after me and i'll add you
3DS 3523-2116-0259

User Info: Rachni

4 years ago#8
Sure. I am getting both X and Y. Which starter are you choosing? My friends is choosing the water type, I am picking the fire type.
(White: 2365-6616-1546) Black: 4212-5139-4024 (White 2: 4771-9057-6478)
3DS FC: 4785-5158-9717

User Info: Order_Ky

4 years ago#9
Luigi 1650 1398 0290

Let me know if you added me, I'm kind of running low on space but I can remove some of the no shows by tomorrow afternoon if there are no responses from them.

User Info: erekwashere15

4 years ago#10
Looking for more friends too.

I will add some of you in a bit, but if anybody adds me, please PM me.
Winner of ares9090's Slaking Award
3DS Friend Code: 3523-3326-1414
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