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new Pokemon being revealed on the Pokemon facebook page on Wednesday

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User Info: Tyranidomega

4 years ago#41
I really love that starter evo revealed each Wednesday before launch idea.
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User Info: Aysander

4 years ago#42
CakeOfLies posted...
Crossing my fingers that it'll be Fennekick.


Ok, rage-shout over. I actually hope it ISN'T Fennekick so my hopes for a non-starter fire/fighting aren't blasted on the spot :/

User Info: Nionel

4 years ago#43
I'm kinda hoping for a Pokemon that we haven't seen any form of yet, you know, something new? Aside from that I'd be pretty happy if we got a Steel-type Eevee, that think would almost instantly get a spot on my team.
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User Info: GilgameshSwords

4 years ago#44
If it is an Eevee, I think it is eaither going to be Poison, Steel or dragon

User Info: Milso

4 years ago#45
Missingno_Mastr posted...
abcDSBT posted...
Missingno_Mastr posted...
scrappybristol posted...
It's gonna be Espurr.

No, they said an evolved Pokémon, not a pre-evolution. I'm hoping for a Helioptile evolution, or a Skrelp evolution.


The Pokebeach leak states that Espurr will evolve into Meowstic, not the other way around.

A few details from the leak have been muddled up. I wouldn't be surprised if he just got the names around the wrong way and Meowstic evolves into Espurr. I do think it's more likely they'll have a pre-evo that just evolves depending on gender though.

User Info: GilgameshSwords

4 years ago#46
Who knows at this stage. As said above it definitely feels like a big reveal

User Info: GilgameshSwords

4 years ago#47
Tomorrow needs to hurry

User Info: jsmaster72

4 years ago#48
I hope its a heliptile evo so we know if the new pokebeach guy is telling the truth about all the things hes beeng sayin

User Info: thealmightydib

4 years ago#49
if its anything from the new leak im out of here. i hope that guy is lying only because i actually read it
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User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#50
The hype....THE HYPE!!!!!

I have never been more hyped for a game then this, GF are masters this arcane art. Feeding us little tidbits of information right up to release day >.<
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