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"More than 1500 Cheaters took Part in the 2013 Global Showdown"

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User Info: AfricanChildren

4 years ago#301
If you have to hack then you aren't tournament material.
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User Info: Sports_Mix

4 years ago#302
kingjam1 posted...
Their fault for making IVs so stupid. Scoring an inside the park home run, let alone an inside the park grand slam, is easier than getting perfect IVs from scratch.
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User Info: Sega9599

4 years ago#303
DepictingMenace posted...
To me it doesn't matter whether one cheats or not= simply the challenge and and the competitiveness is what draws me in. And thus I only play on the simulator.

However, what amazes me is the anger that [fair] cheating of others causes in others. I can understand the possible mistrust in people cheating but to get angry over it? Pokemon is only a game. To get angry over something so trivial shows me the fault in the game's defender. Money is not on the line. Fame is not on the line. Nothing long lasting is on the line. The defender wants acknowledgement for their actions and validation for spending so much time on a game. Whether you win or lose (though I sense more loss and possibly resentment for that), it is all in how one plays the game. But instead, everyone here is mad at how others play the game.

that's silly. thread is about cheating in a official tournament. no one cares if you cheat on your own.

Like I said before, it seems that Gamefreak wanted these stats to always remain 'secret'. so that some pokemon are randomly just stronger than others of the exact same species. even if raised right and with the same base stats, the IVs can make or break the 'mon.

However, they didn't plan on people. People who didn't like this idea of chance. They wanted to balance the game completely and make sure everything starts on a fair level.

But GameFreak wanted it to be like real life, where some pokemon just have the potential to be better.

Man had other plans. He somehow tried to make Pokemon like Chess, where every move can be made the same by anyone. Next he will try to give every pokemon Max stats, regardless of whether or not they can reach that amount of HP via legit methods. "Make it fair!" he cries. "Give every pokemon 9999 hp, and make every move a Normal type move!"

This version of Man is like the computer in War Games. He can't learn until he does it over and over and over again and sees what happens when two people have the exact same pokemon with the exact same stats, to make it completely fair.


What does Man do now? He MUST have a winner! He has found the perfect combination to cancel himself out, and he is dissatisfied, because he knows in real life, there are only Winners. Draw Games only delay the inevitable: to find out who is the BEST.

So he relaxes the rules a little bit. He decides that only IVs and EVs will be maxed. Not only that, but he allows any pokemon to compete against any other, to see which is the strongest among them. This cancels out the boredom part of just watching 6v6 matches of the same Pokemone over and over.

Gamefreak are watching. They're not happy with Mans constant meddling. But they can't 'remove' IV's and EV's now. It would look like a weak submission move, and they believe most people don't bother hacking the stats anyway.

So they hold an official tournament, for fun! It'll be just like the old days, where no one really knew what they were doing, and people would watch every match intently! Perhaps Ratticate can really beat Golem after all!

But who show up? Not fresh faced people/older guys ready to re/discover the fun of competitive battling, or the game.

It's the pasty faced wide eyed battler. The one who shows up with 6 Mewtwos all with perfect stats. "I got these legit 0_0" he says when questioned on his find. He never blinks.

But what can GF do? Ban him? There is a very very small chance he may have got them legit so.......
Aha! Over there is Man's younger brother, Bad Kid! Bad Kid is using a Blastoise lvl 150 with flamethrower!

So they focus on Bad Kid and eject him, hoping to try and install fear amongst players. "Play the game legit!" they warn.

Man chuckles. He'll break this game if he has to.
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User Info: BalloonBattle05

4 years ago#304
Sega9599 posted...
But GameFreak wanted it to be like real life, where some pokemon just have the potential to be better.

Let's make Pokémon actually die. People can die in real life.
Let's allow Pokémon to bleed. Humans can bleed too!

And other things.

gans626 posted...
Here's a moral question to everyone trying to justify hacking "just because everyone else is doing it."

100 people break into a car dealership and steals a car. The police catches only 50 of the thieves. Does that make it morally ok for the other 50 who didn't get caught cause they were better than the others?

We are not justifying hacking because everybody else is doing it. W allow it because of fairness.
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#305
They should just get rid of IV's. Pokemon X will gain X attack and X special attack at each level.

Now, everything comes down to actual skill.

Listen, I don't have a lot of free time on my hands. When I was a kid, i could spend hours training my pokemon. I just don't have that amount of time now. So if pushing out the RNG in order to get a pokemon to be the way I want it to be, I will.
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User Info: SSJ3Chris

4 years ago#306
You really only NEED perfect IVs in the stats essential to your pokemon. I.e offensive pokes need perfect speed and atk/sp.atk. Anything else is icing on the cake. I PokeSave to save time, and am learning to RNG. Since people say that is cheating, correct me but how is RNG really any different than SRIng? I hear all the time that if you don't have the time to breed and EV train then don't play competitively, RNGing and 'Saving takes out the legwork, so it is a more level playing field, so even then it is up to your skills to try and achieve a win.

In short cheating is cheating, but how can you say you are a better trainer than me if u spend hours raising your Pokemon to a level that I achieved in 5 minutes only to get beat by me?
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