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Pokemon Fusion: Part 10!

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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#171
Gubbey posted...
"I'm sorry, Dad, but you'll have to wait outside."

"But maybe if I turn this way and shimmy through..." Belial replied, unsuccessfully trying to squeeze inside Shoal Cave. His massive bulk couldn't make it past the cave entrance.

Mephistopheles shook his head while Angelica chuckled at the sight. "We'll be right back. Come on, Angelica."

So the fledgeling demon and angel strolled inside the cave, leaving the disgruntled Belial outside. Lloyd and Isaac were already inside, searching the sands for valuable Shoal Shells. But they found none, while Mephistopheles gathered up a crystalline powder and placed it in a pouch.

He snickered, turning to Angelica. "What they don't know is that this stuff is just as valuable as the shells! Heh heh."

"Doesn't telling the angel kind of ruin the secret?" Dusknoir pointed out.

"Eh, I trust her," the undead demon replied, gathering more Shoal Salt.

"...That's news to me," Dusknoir and Angelica spoke simultaneously. But Dusknoir continued, "We need to hurry, though. We're lucky we arrived during low tide. There's no way we'll find the Lunar Crest Piece during high tide."

"I know. The truth hurts," Mephistopheles answered.

Angelica then turned to Lloyd and Isaac, who were still sifting through the sands. "Hey! You're not gonna find the Lunar Crest Piece in there! We need to get moving!"

"Knock yourself out," Isaac responded. "Uh, you can call if you need me."

"I never would've expected that you'd be one of the only peopl- er, things, taking this mission seriously," Angelica said to Mephistopheles.

"It's only because I've gathered up plenty of this Shoal Salt," Mephistopheles replied. "It's just you, me, and Dusky, then. Ready for an adventure?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

They then ventured deeper inside...


"...That was surprisingly easy," Angelica said, examining a crescent-shaped rock half-buried in the sand. The Spheal looked on curiously, making happy gibbering sounds.

"L-look out!" Mephistopheles screamed as a flaming bolt shot toward the angel. She dodged it just in time, the bolt lodging in the sand beside the Lunar Crest piece.

They both looked in the direction where the bolt came from. Standing atop the rocks was a heavily armored half-humanoid half-equine creature, his face a pure blue color and bearing shining red eyes. Two black horns extended from his bright orange hair. In his right hand, he held a large, drill-like lance, and in his left hand, he held a black-and-red colored crossbow. He hopped gracefully from his perch, his hooves landing softly against the white sand.

"Mephistopheles, he growled. "I thought I'd find you here. Pairing up with angels now? You're even more treasonous than I thought."

"Cheery as always, Geryon," Mephistopheles responded, giving a bow.

~*~*~To Be Continued~*~*~

I object to this.
I'd be unstoppable if it weren't for law enforcement and physics.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#172
(A favor, to return)

''So, what I want to know is.. why haven't the other statues reincarnated-left here.''
Said Prindle, as he continued to hold on to the body of Petite, while also holding her Tablet.

''I don't know, I guess they're too busy going insane in that magical Legendary Realm that we have access to.''
Said Petite as she held on to the Large Biberal that they were riding on.

Prindle was still holding a ton of questions, but he decided to concentrate on the important few that he had. So, with the streets filled with people heading towards Kyurem, and the sky under a rainbow, he asked the Janitor of Risen Sun.

Prindle------''Don't we have the DNA of the Dracid?''
Petite--------''Ask Monicle.''
Prindle-------''So, about Orre..''
Petite--------''Any location that was a named town during Cipher's tirade has been wiped out, it's all original names now.''
Prindle-------''The Unknown Serum?''
Petite---------''Ask Monicle or Octillery.''

He continued to question about the FSoCs, the status of a self sustaining sea facility, and countless other questions dealing with space. But all those proceeded to fade away into the background of his mind, once the sight of the Guard Members transporting Marle, and Stram on the sidewalk came into view.

Petite stopped the Biberal at a nearby Cleaning Crew Recruitment building. And with a smirk, she looked back at Prindle, who stopped holding on her for dear life.

Petite----''Alright Prindle, time to get off.''
Prindle---''Well, If you say so.''

They both got off of the Large Biberal, and proceeded to join up with the Guard members.
Prindle then gives back the Tablet of Petite, while checking to see that his Kyogre skinned Paddle is still on his waist strap.

Good, now, to those two..

GM 2--------''Prindle, huh, got bored of being everything?''
Petite--------''I can assure you, he didn't.''
Prindle--------''Now then, those two here..''

The first Guard Member brings out notes on his tablet.

GM 1---------''Called Marle, and Stram.''
GM 2---------''Part of the survivors of the SS Anne wreckage at the base of route 4.A.2.''
GM 1---------''And.. well, ask them for the rest.''

Petite then glanced at a nearby window, seeing the footage of Pepper Ringles losing the fight against a Machamp fuser, then back at Marle, and Stram.

Petite--------''Alright you two, I'm part of the cleaning crew around here, so if you need to ask anything-''

She points to Prindle, who's wearing the standard Historic Guard Uniform, and black square hat.

Petite--------''Ask him, but as for the moment that we have together, I need to ask you a question... who are you affiliated with?''

[---Outpost 4.A.3---]
(Monicle, the Mirage, and the view.)

Monicle-----''Alright, it's getting close to the middle of the Walk of Shame-''
Mew---------''Hey, aren't you going to ask why I'm Jeal-''
Monicle-----''I'll tell you this, jealousy affects everyone, and it pretty much boils down to the same reasons. Them being; others joining in on the fun, being alone doing your own thing for a while, seeing everyone else have fun owning the world, wanting to be better than someone, etc.''

Monicle Sighs, just as they leave the underground storage facility, and pass by Lanthorice of Catastroph, who's seen being treated with canisters filled with a creamy white liquid.

Monicle-----''Hey, I'm sure Octillery will be able to relate to you; now then..''

He opens the back door, revealing the view of the clouds passing just under the outpost, creating a sea of clouds reflecting the bright rays of the sun. All the while, the tourists have changed, and the workers were taking a break.

Monicle-----''Let's start on finding a way to get to the LotSS''

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#173
-Poli Draxis-

Poli's family descended down into the sand tunnel.

Draxis ----- "H-How much f-f-farther?"
Necrodium ---- "Not long."

The tunnel widened up, and bits of ice began to stick out of the sand, like a large, icy maw. Poli began shivering even more.

Draxis ----- "I d-d-d-d-don't like t-this feeling..."

The tunnel ended, leaving Poli, Necrodium, and Twila staring down a long, frozen chamber. At the end of it, a Lunar Crest piece floated, surrounded by a grey field.

Twila ----- "There it is!"
Draxis ---- "G-got it!"

Poli ran out, slipping and sliding on the ice. He slid on down towards the piece, and grabbed it.

Draxis ---- "One down. Let's hope the others get the other 4 pieces."

Poli turned around, as Twila and Necrodium walked up to him. All were oblivious to the sudden drop in temperature. Just as the angel and demon couple drew near, a blinding flash, and the three were seperated by an icy barrier. Poli, shocked, began pounding on the thick, clear ice sheet. It didn't collapse.

Draxis ----- "Mom! Dad!"
Twila ---- "Poli!"
Necrodium ---- "What is this tomfoolery?" a rat caught in a trap. This will be fun.

Poli fell to the floor as his prison began to drop in temperature. Ice shards formed, each one bristling with darkness.

Draxis ---- "!!!"
Dark Poli ---- "And it seems I snagged the rat's parents as well!"

Necrodium and Twila turned out, the voice behind them eerily similar to their child. What they saw terrified them. It was their child, except fused with Kyurem, and was bristling with dark energy.

Draxis ---- "Dark Poli!!!"
Dark Poli ---- "Yes, it is I. Lord Akuro wanted me to see to it you would be properly disposed of."
Twila ----- "That dirty slimeball!"
Dark Poli ---- "Well, technically, he's a sphere of darkness, but the end result is your doom."

Dark Poli pointed a clawed finger at Necrodium. A blazing inferno spewed forth. Necrodium, too stricken with shock, combined with the tractionless floor, couldn't escape. He exploded in a fiery mess. Twila was sent flying into the wall by the explosive force. When the smoke cleared, Necrodium was gone. Erased. Non-existant.

Draxis ----- "Father!!!"
Dark Poli ----- "How does it feel, faker? To see power you once held kill those closest to you?"
Draxis ----- "..."
Dark Poli ------- "You see, once you are dead, no one will be left to stop Akuro. The other guy capable...well, Longal ensured his death."
Draxis ----- "Other?"
Dark Poli ----- "That Hado wielding freak, Pryce. Akuro is weak to two things. The volatile Light-Dark mix, and the Hado, Akuro's own creation."
Draxis ----- " dead?"
Dark Poli ----- "And his wife. Shame Longal couldn't keep his claws on Sadie, but it is what it is. With you finally out of the picture, the Day of Darkness will be unhindered!"
Draxis ----- "Day...of Darkness?"

Dark Poli gave Poli a question smirk, then smiled.

Dark Poli ----- "You'll be dead soon, so I might as well explain..."

You were wrong...Dark Eco can be controlled!

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#174
D: What's the matter, Garioshi?
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#175 hectic over here... >.>
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#176
OcarinaofToast posted... hectic over here... >.>

*Working on another Post.*
*Can't stop refreshing the secret Board*

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#177
willingmess posted...
Serah: Ok then! let's go!.... um.... what are your names?

???: M-

Serah: Up-up-up.... I think I'll call you daffodil, and you bacon!

Bacon: But those aren't ou-

Serah: Blah.... but it's so haaaard to remember names.... And we need to get going! Soon! Very soon! We shall be reunited!

With that, she grabs Bacon and Daffodil by their Collars and flies Off!

Serah: (singing)
Oooh... I remember a day...
It was quite long away
When you and me were togeeether...
And we were happy as can be,
looking at the trees....
but lost, without hope... apart...

Oh how I wish we could be,
Reunited, you and me.
But for ri-ight now,
We must travel on alone...

Waiting for the day....
Waiting for the day....
Where you and IIIIIIII
Could be.... together.....

Daffodil: Blarg.... the music didn't rhyme, the beat was off, and the message sounded incoherent and weird.

Serah: Hmph. I don't care.

Daffodil: I'm just trying to help....

Suddenly, Serah stopped midair...

Serah: What's that I hear....

Bacon: Look out!

Serah quickly turns her head and flies out of the way of a huge blast!

Serah: Ohh.... gosh...

There, up above her, the war between Angels and Demons was being waged.....

Serah: Uggghhh.... gotta be careful...

With a passing glance, she looks downwards... then she returns for a full look at the ground!

Serah: Huh? They're.... just cowering there....

Bacon: Well so would you if you saw this sort of thing going on....

Serah: But this isn't right! Listen people! You need to take up arms! Drive out these angelic and demonic hosts!

Man: But.... they're so much more powerful than us...

Serah: But how do you know that? With hard work, the human race can do anything!

Man: How do you know... you ain't human! We... we can't....

With a downcast look in his eyes, the man rounds up the crowd to continue evacuating the area...

Serah: This.... isn't right... Humanity.... You... can do anything....

With a sad look in her eyes, Serah turns away and begins flying again, off for the Orre desert.....

*Bangs Face onto Laptop*

@Poli, Are you planning on using Vortex still?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#178
-Poli Draxis-

Dark Poli ----- "The Day of is when Akuro's power is at its strongest! When the moon blocks out the sun..."
Draxis ----- "What about the vessels?"
Dark Poli ----- "We shall become part of Akuro, amplifying his power. He shall be reborn as Yami, Lord and Incarnate of all Darkness!"

Dark Poli Shifted into Kyurem-B, and walked forward. Shattering the barrier, he lifted the inhibited Poli up. Poli saw in his eyes a feral look.

Twila ----- "Stop!"
Dark Poli ----- "The Child of Light and Dark...shall be consumed by his darkness!"

Dark Poli's maw opened, as Poli stared down his gullet.

Now I know how Skyla felt like.

Poli closed his eyes as warm saliva drenched him as Dark Poli began consuming the hybrid. Poli felt constricted, as his counterpart forced him down. A fear spread into Poli's heart, as he suddenly remembered all of those he consumed under Kyurem's rampage.

A heartbeat pounded in Poli's ears, as a tingling liquid began to coat him. His regenerative abilities kicked into hyperdrive, but could not keep pace with Dark Poli's metabolism. Poli was awaiting his fate in the organ which he nicknamed the Cavern of Death.


"Those Sandile think they're so funny..."

GenePoli was flying down the tunnel, held up when three Sandile decided to trap him with Sand Tomb. Now free, he was zooming down at breakneck speeds, and landed near the exit, picking up a scream.

GenePoli ---- "Hmm?"

Inching forward, GenePoli picked up the distinct stench of cooked demon. Whenthe scene came into view, he quickly aimed his cannon.

In the frozen chamber, a Shadow Kyurem-B was sitting on a stone chair, smug. Near the wall was Twila, chained to a statue. Upon examination of the Kyurem, its stomach seemed unusually full. Twila had a grim expression on her face, and GenePoli caught slight movement in the Kyurem's belly.

By golly, Draxis will be liquefied if I don't do something!

Digital Reformer notched, GenePoli charged up a shot, aimed well and true, and, when it was fully charged, fired.


Oblivion...that's what we all meet after we die. Well, at least gods do. Who knows what lies in wait after the afterlife for the rest of us...

Poli was barely conscious, what was left of him sloshing about in his counterpart's stomach, when Dark Poli suddenly jolted.

...What was...
What was that?

The flesh enclosing Poli began to feel airy and light. Then Dark Poli dissipated in a cloud of black mist that faded.

Poli's digested body fell to the floor, spreading. The Rainbow Cleaver, Satomi Power Orb Gauntlets, the Lunar Crest piece, and various bones were wading in the viscous liquid that was once Poli. Twila, upon seeing it, screamed.

Twila ----- "POLI!!!"

Hmm? she screaming?

Two grey eyes appeared over the chyme.'s like...I'm dead...
Yet alive...maybe...

A purple misty veil faded into existence, with specks of red, orange, yellow, and green. A small red heart rotated sporadically within the apparition.


(No, Poli is NOT a FSoC or SoC. I'll explain next post)
You were wrong...Dark Eco can be controlled!

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#179
"We're not affiliated with anyone," Marle said. "We're just tourists."

"Okay..." Petite said, not very convinced. Before she could ask anything else, Stram asked Prindle, "Why are you people torturing that Kyurem?"

"It is being punished for its crimes." Prindle said. "Do you need to know anything else?" he asked.

"No, that will be all," Marle said. "Are we able to leave now?"

"No, that's not all!" Stram said. "How can you torture that pokemon like that?" he said getting angry.

"We don't want to cause problems here," Marle said. "Let's just get going."

Stram glared at her. "You're heartless. You act all nice, but you don't care about anything or anyone!"

Everyone was silent for a few seconds. Then Marle turned and started to walk away.

"A minute, if you please." Prindle said.

Marle spun around angrily. "What?"

"I notice you said that you're not affiliated with anyone. Yet if you really weren't, you would be asking who you were suspected of being affiliated with."

"We were in a hurry." Marle said. "I didn't consider it to be important."

"Also," Prindle continued. "It gets a bit obvious when you transform." He pointed to Stram's arms.

"So, what really happened?" Petite asked them.

Marle explained about what happened onboard the SS Anne.

"Zade? I think he used to work here." Petite said.

"I still don't trust you, but I suppose I'll let you stay in Zade's old lab." Prindle said. "But you're not allowed to leave this area until more information has been found about the SS Anne explosion."

Both Marle and Stram looked displeased with that, but neither said anything.

"I want to know everything about SoUL." Prindle said. "If you tell me, I might be able to trust you."

"We'll think about it." Marle said.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#180
Finally, after a time of traveling, Serah finally reached the Orre desert.

Serah: Blech! look at all this poisonous stuff! Take it away Daffodil!

Daffodil: But I'm not the one that can remove it....

Bacom: Here...

With that, Bacon does something to get rid of the smog or protect them or whatever, Serah didn't really pay attention....

Daffodil: You're being a bit Blaize about all this... especially when we're helping you find your Love.... We didn't have to come.... The least you could do would be to learn our names.

Serah: You certainly are one for quixotic endeavors! ^_^

Bacon: Oh well...

With that, they continue on.... traveling... traveling..... until suddenly, they see a little green blip on the horizon...

Serah: Willingmess!!!

Willingmess: Serah!!!

With that, Serah drops off Daffodil and Bacon, and starts running towards Willingmess!

Willingmess too, begins to run towards Serah!

They keep running... until they finally embrace in the middle!

Serah/Willingmess: I missed you so much! (crying) let's never seperate ever again!

Serah: I promise you! I'll never leave your side!

Willingmess: And I will never leave your side either!

With that, they kiss passionately.

Bacon: Ummm... Too much PDA...

Willingmess: Oops! sorry!

Suddenly, they notice the Sun is beginning to set....

Serah: Let's sleep here tonight! With you around.... everything will be just great!

With that, they set up camp.... and everyone goes to sleep for the night, Willingmess and Serah together, holding hands, with their heads next to eachother...

Willingmess: Together...

Serah: Forever.....

To Be Continued....
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