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Do you usually go for a full team of 6?

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User Info: CM_Ponch

5 years ago#1
Or do you use less for whatever reason?

User Info: FuneralCake

5 years ago#2
I always use at least 6. The game is way too easy otherwise.

The only time I won't use 6 is if I'm trying to speed through the game.
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User Info: sonic2307

5 years ago#3
4 fighters and 2 HM slaves
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User Info: wufei8706

5 years ago#4
Six and an HM slave to swap out.

User Info: scrappybristol

5 years ago#5
Full team of six with HMs on a few.
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User Info: endergamer537

5 years ago#6
scrappybristol posted...
Full team of six with HMs on a few.

This. I always want to try out new Pokemon in playthroughs, plus as FuneralCake mentioned it makes the game a bit harder as you're not so overleveled.
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User Info: BlueGaryOak

5 years ago#7
the more the merrier.
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User Info: Zarren364

5 years ago#8
Yes. I get good type coverage and spread the HMs around.
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User Info: mnkboy907

5 years ago#9
Yes, and often times I even cycle through more than six. In White 2 I went around swapping between Samurott, Durant, Cinccino, Excadrill, Scrafty, Sawsbuck, Beartic, Galvantula, Reuniclus, and Swanna. Audino training makes it really easy to bring a new member up to snuff.

Admittedly those last two were only because I realized I had a pretty huge Fighting weakness and I'd need something to go up against Marshall with, and it's nice having something that can Surf and Fly. I don't even really like Swanna...
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User Info: Saintpara

5 years ago#10
Four for a first time, was less if im just stomping through the second/third version to unlock stuff. I have never been able to field a team of six where I was happy, but then I have serious sometimes. Dead weight garbage like Serperior or Musharna, Pokemon who had to stall things to death or are super slow or have garbage move pools just kill me to use in-game. I have to have stuff like Infernape or Excadrill or Gyarados.
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