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Pokemon is turning to garbage now, I have scientific proof

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User Info: Fritz0x8

5 years ago#1
I have spoken to an admin personally and he said he misunderstood the original topic and that a topic here is fair play. Without further a due, I present you my thesis version 3.0. Please be mature about your response and try to not annoy fellow users as we discuss the future of the series. Thank you.

Okay they should have never made more then 151 pokemon because now we're all overwhelmed with all these stupid looking **** pokemons that look like deformed blue monkeys. Pokemon is going to become terribly unpopular in the next decade and I know why..

It's called the beanie-baby effect. Back in the 90s there were all these soccer moms going ape **** for beanie babies which was essentially pokemon for old people. Anyways, the company wanted to sell more products and make more money so they started mass producing more of these damn beanie babies which made it obvious that they were trying to squeeze every dime out of these collectors so everyone with half a brain abandoned the product.

Enter a la Pokemon:

By mass sizing this bull ****, it makes me stop caring to collect them all because there too damn many to collect now. I want to have a nice adventure with 151 and thats all, not no damn recolored monkey thats been run over by a train.
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User Info: squdgy

5 years ago#2
Look out everyone, it's a Genwunner.

User Info: SeThelloSoma

5 years ago#3
I kinda agree 600 and counting now? Thats absurd. Add like 10-20 per game. Why do we need 100 each time?

User Info: ZERO2936

5 years ago#4
Catching all the pokemon isn't the only reason people play Pokemon, and the gotta catch em all thing disappeared around Gen III, IIRC.

As long as they're well-designed, I don't see the problem, and so far, the majority have been.

User Info: CakeOfLies

5 years ago#5
Look. The third (or maybe fourth) topic like this...
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User Info: Laughingman_S

5 years ago#6
"It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is our plan. You should have respected my authoritah."

User Info: Infernus93

5 years ago#7
Fritz0x8 posted...
Without further a due


Okay, so yeah, I already posted in the one you had on the B2 board (where I did my first inb4, which was successful), but I guess I should add...

Yeah, there are some designs I would get rid of. But the odds are that some of the ones I would get rid of would be someone else's favourite. So uh...more is better, yeah.
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User Info: Pendragon71037

5 years ago#8
Oh, look, it's this topic again.
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User Info: javel34

5 years ago#9
Isn't the main goal of any company to make money?

And beanie babies died out not because the designs got "stupid" but because people didn't want to invest in them anymore, people still invest in pokemon. Therefore pokemon are not garbage....well maybe two are.
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User Info: Brandon042487

5 years ago#10
Well That's like your opinion man.
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