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Does anyone use a kangaskhan?

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User Info: adismaltheft

5 years ago#11
I did. I got one from my Pokewalker early on in SoulSilver.
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User Info: TheNargacuga

5 years ago#12
Jeez this board is going slow.
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User Info: SooChillin

5 years ago#13
I plan on trying to use one competitively. After I beat W2

User Info: Changlini

5 years ago#14
Honestly, kangaskhan is one of those poke'mon that every time I look at, I really want to use it, but for some reason I don't. Even after all these years, I've only tried to use her back in Emerald.

User Info: rayoflightning

5 years ago#15
I use one on two of my competitive teams and it hasn't let me down.
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User Info: Daemonscharm

5 years ago#16
I used one competitive in HG. he's my physical sweeper.

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User Info: CakeOfLies

5 years ago#17
Prodozul posted...
I never been able to catch one. Satisfied?
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User Info: LaManoNeraII

5 years ago#18
I used one to fight the elite 4 in Blue. Caught it on Victory Road because I only had 4 Pokemon : /
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User Info: IrisVile

5 years ago#19
She's okay, but I generally forget about her, or catching her is annoying because she is usually a late game catch.
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