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Which NPC do you find most attractive?

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User Info: FungusForBrains

5 years ago#151
sinfulGrimoire posted...
FungusForBrains posted...
So, where is the line drawn between thinking a person in a picture is attractive, and thinking that an imaginary character is attractive? I mean, if I paint an attractive person from imagination, and it's realistic and looks like a photo, how is that more pathetic than someone else making a more simplistic piece of an attractive character?

A painting of a fictional character isn't the same as a picture taken with a camera, of an actual person.

Oh? Alright then. What about a painting of a real person, and a painting of a fictional person then? Suppose they're both equally realistic looking, and you've never seen the real person being painted. Are they suddenly somehow not physically attractive?

User Info: Insanititious

5 years ago#152
Why must you all be so tedious? Just say which character has the hottest piece of ass or gtfo.

There is absolutely no need to argue about what's hot and what's not.

/ontopic Female Ace Trainer (Unova)
Proud Member of Team Galactic.
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User Info: DemonSlayer92

5 years ago#153
The Elite Four chick wit DAT HAIR.
I am the Official STEELIX of the Pokemon X/Y Boards
and Married to Delia Ketchum

User Info: RED_LINK1

5 years ago#154
Cynthia by far.
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