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If you were to go back in time and tell the Black 2 Board That

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User Info: HeyItsZant

5 years ago#1
The announcement will be the gen VI games and be called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, what would their reaction be?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.

User Info: BikdipOnABus

5 years ago#2
There is a 0% chance of this happening.
If you actively hate Justin Bieber... then you don't know what "intended audience" means. Hate Twilight instead, it's far worse.

User Info: Limen123

5 years ago#3
The heck kind of name is that? TC, your name making skills are horrible.

User Info: Froakie

5 years ago#4
Just look at Therian's posts.
(message deleted)

User Info: kakashik99992

5 years ago#6
I did

kakashik99992 posted...
TherianReturns posted...
FungusForBrains posted...
Hey, Therian, if Gen VI is announced, will you flee or stick around being the grumpy old man who mutters to himself?

I remember there was a guy saying that Gen. II remakes would never happen back on the Gen. IV boards, and if they did he'd castrate himself. And he disappeared a few days later when they were announced. Good times.

Dude, I'm a real pokemon fan, so if Trollfreak trolls, and the phenomenon occurs and they announce gen 6, i will be happy anyway, because it's a new game, and I will enjoy it, like I enjoyed all other pokemon games. Don't get smart allicky with me.

That said, luckily, there is a 0% chance that gen 6 is announced on the 8th.

And the stakes are high will we see the 0% meme reborn?


It's not Gen 6 guys

Windyligth posted...

It's too early for Gen 6.

They recently released Gen 5 sequels.

I don't care if it's for 3DS, whatever it is, it isn't Gen 6.

Stop saying it's Gen 6 just cause you wanna dream. Gen 6 is a dream, and a dumb one.

kakashik99992 posted...
kakashik99992 posted...
I hope you don't delete this topic after the announcement TC I feel that it's going to get bumped

My pokemon run

User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

5 years ago#7
BikdipOnABus posted...
There is a 0% chance of this happening.
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