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  3. Most efficient way to Agape Ring at the lowest SM possible

User Info: Glori4n

3 months ago#1
Lately I've been trying to figure out what's the fastest and most efficient way to Agape ring, and I think I've come pretty close to an ansewer, here's a video of my run step by step.


Of course the intent is to make a god-tier twinker with access to everything +10 at the lowest SM possible.

I wonder if there are any faster methods out there?

User Info: RapidDarkness

3 months ago#2
Interesting...that chest with the yore branch must have been one of the changes made for new gen Sotfs. I think there's an estus shard in that chest on PS3/360. You have to go down the hole for the branch, get a homie to drop the silvercat ring. Enough HP to survive the drop even with the ring may restrict starting class too.
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3 months ago#3
I've been doing low SM char for a while on the PS3 version.
The lowest SM I've managed to reach Straid was 22k.

You need either the ring or 22 VIT to survive the fall in Majula. I've always do 22 Vit, so I can be at SL25 and still make ONE +10 weapon.

My latest accomplishment is this:
All bosses + DLC + Loyce Souls + Witchtree Branch+10 on a SL25 char. That allows me to use sorceries, Hexes, miracles (chime+8 at Loyce) among all +7 melee weapons found at the DLC's

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  3. Most efficient way to Agape Ring at the lowest SM possible
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