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User Info: Thalantyr1216

9 months ago#1
I ad all the enemies stop moving and basically become statues. I can walk into them and they have substance, but they don't move and I can't hit/kill them. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
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9 months ago#2
You entered rat King's covenant. No enemy will attack you in Doors of Pharros or Grave of Saints. Exit the covenant to fight there again.
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User Info: Jallen9000

8 months ago#3
I was wondering what the hell was up with that, thought it was a weird glitch.
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User Info: Divided_By_One

8 months ago#4
They aren't attacking you because, as the guy said, you are in the Rat Covenant. They are your allies.

If put on the rat ring while in the two rat areas (Doors of Pharos and Grave of Saints), you will summon other people (involuntarily, players who just happen to be in the area) to your game. Their goal is to get to the end of the area/kill you. Your goal is to kill them. All the traps and enemies in the two areas are there to help you kill them.

Beware of opening shortcuts for them. Many of them strip naked to run faster and prevent their gear from getting wrecked (especially in the grave).
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