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User Info: RapidDarkness

1 month ago#1
Just lost 600,000 souls, through sheer absent mindedness. That's my biggest ever loss by some distance.

What's your biggest ever loss of souls, and how did you go about losing them?
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User Info: xsamhellx

1 month ago#2
Over 2 million. was farming to buy cracked orbs. Stopped by Mcduffs to infuse a bunch of junk for alt first. It was late at night and fell asleep. You can guess what happened next.

User Info: SolidxSnake

1 month ago#3
I lost 40 million in DS1 a long time ago...was sad. Probably around 10 mil for DS2.
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User Info: Alltra

1 month ago#4
I have you all beat.

Today, I lost 110M souls due to my stupidly going afk in a PvP zone. I didn't intend to, but I ended up being away long enough to get invaded twice and lose it all.
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User Info: RapidDarkness

2 weeks ago#5

Alright how about the most souls you've knowingly cost other players?

Probably mostly goes undocumented, but some players will message you their losses.

Mine is 500K.
I wear no mask.

User Info: Pancake

2 weeks ago#6
i lost 980k recently; i had just fended someone off at the ik bridge and i just had to try to style my way back to the bonfire and i ended up landing on the lava platform with the human effigy on it.

as far away from the bonfire as possible.

User Info: RapidDarkness

2 weeks ago#7
I've lost a few large sums to the lava, making rash bids for the items/chests
I wear no mask.

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