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User Info: RapidDarkness

5 months ago#1
Anyone know much about the ring of thorns, in terms of it's damage output?

Does it scale off anything? Does +1 do more damage than +0?

When I've been wearing it I've seen its output vary from about 60 damage to about 350 tops. I suppose it might be the difference between my opponent catching a single thorn with heavy armour or a fashion bro taking two in the face.
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User Info: Matayu

5 months ago#2
I wondered about this too. I know it never has done much damage when used against me so I never bother using it

User Info: RapidDarkness

5 months ago#3
Yes, when it's been used against me it's been a mild irritance at best. It's hardly practical to rely on it. But with four ring slots I feel you can afford a little novelty, and it suits the nasty, spiteful invader persona I'm going for.
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User Info: Alltra

5 months ago#4
If you're going to do that, unless there's some restrictive bulls*** that disables it, you outta go with that ring that explodes too.
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User Info: RapidDarkness

5 months ago#5
Yes, the wiki mentioned the rings could be used in conjunction to one-shot people, which sounded a little far-fetched, but it suggests they are a viable combo. I've had OSR used against me a few times but it never connected, raising question marks over its range in this latency-infested game.

Somebody mentioned afk bellbros recently, which gives me an idea for a testing opportunity.
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