Lucatiel and Moonlight Greatsword trophies in NG+...

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User Info: NibeIungsnarf

5 months ago#11
I found out that when you drop down they spawn instantly regardless of how long it's been since you last killed them, so the fastest way is to kill the first wave, go back to the beam of light and use it to port up to Alsanna (not the bonfire) and then drop down again immediately.

However, Jesus f***ing Christ.

I've spent over and hour farming today with the highest Item Discovery level available to me unless I use a bonfire ascetic and get the Gold ring +2 (and I rather would prefer not to use Ascetics in this first playthrough) and I've got 3 Loyce Souls for a total of 5.

Edit: Are you f***ing serious? They despawn? What is this s***? You need to farm 50 of a low spawning item and you didn't make the enemies to farm from spawn infinitely?

Matey. What the duce?

User Info: NibeIungsnarf

5 months ago#12
So I farmed them until I dropped down one time where none spawned at any of the three gates and...

I got a total of six Loyce Souls.

This is bulls***.
(message deleted)

User Info: ScarletSuzumiya

5 months ago#14
(The above deleted post is mine, I kept editing it a bit but GameFAQs only allows up to 5 edits, which is a bit silly and useless)

The Charred Loyce Knights should normally never stop spawning in the PS3 version of the game, at least not in the same way other enemies do, meaning after a certain number of kills they never come back.

They do however stop spawning like regular enemies in Scholar of the First Sin, which leads me to assume you might actually be playing the PS4 version. Is that correct? In that case you can resolve your issue by joining the Company of Champions covenant, which removes the respawn limit on all enemies, so long as you are in the covenant.

If you are in fact on the PS3 version though, I don't know what the problem is. They normally shouldn't stop spawning, and I've killed many hundreds of them without issue across my different characters. If you've somehow gotten them to stop spawning, you can still join the Company of Champions as I've previously mentioned, though it shouldn't be necessary.

User Info: NibeIungsnarf

5 months ago#15
No, I'm playing the PS3 vanilla version where I had to buy the DLC separately where the enemy placement is different from what I've seen of let's plays of Scholar.

They stop spawning sort of randomly, where one time I go down one of the three doors might be empty, but next time a knight will come out of the same door. Which I assume is related to the different type of knights that come out of the portals (EI: maybe I haven't despawned the pyromancer knight that comes out o the middle portal, but I have whichever other option that might come out of the same portal).

Yeah I could join the company of champions and continue to farm them endlessly at a higher difficulty, but I'm just frustrated with seveal aspects

1) That they would despawn enemies whose only purpose is to farm for items. As far as I'm aware the despawn mechanic exists to ease up the game after multiple failures. People are gonna find a way to farm souls regardless and it's not stopping that, only making it tedious.

2) That the drop rate of an item you need to farm 50 of for it to serve its purpose is so abyssmally low that even with all the Item Discovery available in NG I can despawn them entirely and only get 5 (one of the six I got during the Ivory King boss fight and I'm not counting that)

Yeah, I could join the company, but I really don't feel like I should have to. Or at least I should have to to gather the last I dunno, 7 Loyce Souls. Not the last 44.

User Info: ScarletSuzumiya

5 months ago#16
The drop rate is pretty terrible outside of the boss fight unfortunately, I definitely agree on that one. It's not a great solution and it can be pretty inconvenient, but the quickest way to get them in this case, without joining the company, would probably be to co-op with someone over and over until you both have enough souls.

Not something that should have to be done, though. The Loyce Souls could certainly have been handled a little differently. 50 with the current drop rate is a bit much, it'd be fine if the drop was higher or if the requirements were lower.

User Info: NibeIungsnarf

5 months ago#17
Having a bit of trouble with the ancient dragon now. Every time I get him down to around 65-50 health instead of flying straight up in the air when he does his downcast flame attack, he flies a bit off in a random direction, making it a complete dice roll whether or not I die as I have to start running to safety before I can see which way he goes (which I can't really see anyway due to the camera.

Any mechanic here that I'm missing to make the whole thing a bit more predictable?

User Info: ScarletSuzumiya

5 months ago#18
It all depends on your positioning, but even a small difference can throw it off a hell of a lot. I spend the entire fight near his two back legs, but not directly between then, it's a bit to the front of them under his stomach. Just close enough to them to prevent him from trying to use his front legs to attack. (edit: if he does use his front legs, you can be smashed by his stomach or his chin, which is very undesirable, that's why I stick to the back side) When he lifts a foot I run to the other leg. If he stands to breathe fire between his legs, I run out past the leg I'm nearest to and wait it out.

Flying is what's potentially the biggest problem, and that's why I try to always stay in roughly the same spot under him. When he flies up he will try to back away from you, while also spinning to face you. If you're too far in a particular direction, especially towards the back, he might do a 180 in midair trying to face you, and fly off in a different direction than expected.

It can help a little to try and move nearer to his front side when he is about to start flying, so that he doesn't spin around to face you. Besides that, there's not a lot you can do about it aside from trying to learn where you can be without him spinning in midair, and that can be a bit of a pain. There isn't much else you can do to make it more predictable, but there are two ways you can trivialize his fire breath, though.

-First method would require using one bonfire ascetic to grab the Gower's Ring of Protection. I know you said you'd prefer not to use them in that playthrough, though, so I understand it may not be a good plan for you. But essentially you can dodge his flying as normal, and if he happens to go in a bad direction and you can't dodge it quickly enough, just use the ring to tank the damage with your back facing it. You used to be invincible to it this way, but after some patches you instead just take greatly reduced damage from behind.

-Second method involves stacking fire resistance. With a Flame Quartz Ring+3, Dispelling Ring+1, and Flash Sweat, any build can gain 570 additional fire resistance with ease regardless of armor. It is entirely possible to push your fire defense over 990 with armor, and at that point you will only take 1% of fire damage (additional fire defense will have no effect). If you have the Pharros Mask, it will cover you with tears from the mask which will grant another 100 fire resistance making it a bit easier to reach that amount.

User Info: Darkest_Evil

5 months ago#19
ng+ is the only way to get extra boss souls from lost sinner, rotten, duke spider is moonlight sword or crystal soul spear .. lost sinner is flame sword or chaos blade?
most bosses will drop two souls and theres npc summons all over search wiki..
its easier in ng+ and im ng+5
there becomes a point where your character is maxed out for offence so you max out vitalitiy, endurance, resistances to survive and move faster

also dlcs have op gear
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