How I managed the no-death no bonfire

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User Info: ddoc25

8 months ago#1
First let me say it took numerous tries. I watched YouTube videos as only guides because they take a lot of risky jumps. So here are things that I did to make it easier, and I learned these with each try.

#1 Putting down your summon sign is your best friend. A) Dying as a summon does not count against you; it only vanquishes you from that person's world. B) When you are summoned and defeat a boss, it refills your flasks and mends all weapons and armor. It does not repair broken, but it resets them. So if your sword is 5/60, it resets it to 60/60. C) More importantly, it is a quick way to level up. Cardinal Tower is prime hunting ground for being summoned. If the person takes on the Pursuer next to the bonfire, and you wear the T armor with ring, that's 25,000 souls. I normally leveled up 30 levels, which makes it easier. Iron Castle is another prime area for this. Also, doing this makes it easier to reach 1,000,000 souls in memory souls. Doing this allows you to open the Winter doors and skip straight to the castle, avoiding many bosses.

#2 Don't under estimate enemies ESPECIALLY when they are in groups. When they are in groups, you can run a certain distance before they stop following you and then you can pick them off with a bow or knives.

#3 Don't take on Bosses that you don't have to. Tree times the Sentinels ended my runs, but I discovered you can skip them, and go straight to the Lost Sinner, who is way easier to take on than the Sentinels.

#4 This one will have a lot of strong reaction and people lecturing me, but you got to do what you got to do. Hit the power button/ or pull the plug. When you are fighting a boss or you are fighting a group and your health gets low, they will kill you when you take a swig of health potion. So when your health is really low, especially in boss fights, turn the game off. In boss fights, you will reappear outside the fog gate. When you are fighting a group of enemies and get over powered, you will re appear either a distance away, or if you re appear in their mist, they will be just standing there, giving you time to heal and take one or two out. A few times I was killed and even made the death sound and stager, but because I hit the power button fast, it didn't save it.

#5 You don't have to get both rings on the same run. On my (?) try I made it all the way to Nashandra, and was doing great. But she was so fast in spinning around, hitting me with her laser beam, taking away health and staggering me and coming down with her scythe. I figured on this run, "I made it this far with this character, so kill Nashandra, watch the ending receive the No-bonfire ring, farm the Giant lord, level up and get the no death ring on NG+.

#6 If you follow #1 NG is the easiest run because some enemies really buff up in NG+. The Glass knight's difficulty greatly increases. The knights in the Shrine of Amana gang up and deal massive damage with each hit.

#7 As with me, Nashandra has ended many gamers no death runs. You can either stand back and hit her with arrows. Or you can travel back to the old women (if you follow #5), reset your points to buff up your health, Adap, and magic and hit her with magic. She will try to hit you with her laser, but when she floats to you, just run away and start on her again.

It took me NG+ 4 to finally get the no death ring. Ironically I played the game in full on NG+4, did not use the soul hack to go straight to the castle.

I know many will pick this apart, but I don't care because I got the two rings and feel great.
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User Info: ddoc25

8 months ago#3
Yeah I did that a few times on the no-bonfire run--Break the weapon that is about to break and have the blacksmith repair it.

Also agree with taking time and pace. YouTube vids for no-bonfire and no-death are OK for advice, but they take way too many risky jumps, and just running past every bady, you run the risk of getting trapped and they gang up.

I will have to disagree with you on the deaths. When I got the no-death ring, I put my summons sign down, got summoned, died a few times, but it didn't count. I researched it and you just get vanquished from their world: It's the equivalent of them dying and you get sent back to your world or them sending you back to your world for what ever reason.

I put my settings on disable for regional and never got invaded. Guess I got lucky.

The major problem with going to menu to quit game is that the boss will kill you while you go through the menu. When I got the ring with NG+4, on the Looking Glass Knight I had to hit the power 4 times and Neshandra 6 times.

What other advise do you have for those coming here for advice?
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User Info: ScarletSuzumiya

8 months ago#5
(side note: the character limit and edit limit for GameFAQs really sucks. I posted again and had to end up deleting it to fix errors)

ddoc25 posted...
I will have to disagree with you on the deaths. When I got the no-death ring, I put my summons sign down, got summoned, died a few times, but it didn't count.

I ran out of available edits (GameFAQs only allows you to edit 5 times) but I later figured, too late, that it could have been changed in a patch. For now, I've deleted my previous post on the count of possible inaccuracy, I don't want to spread false information.

Anyways, the experience I was talking about is admittedly a long time ago - when I did it, it incremented my death counter by one and I didn't receive the ring (you can check your total deaths in Majula if you play offline) and the last time I've heard someone complain about losing their ring to that was also a fairly long time ago. So it is possible that this behavior may have been changed. As it used to be, anyways, dying in any way definitely invalidated the run.

I admit I am a little hesitant to think it changed, as there's no proof either way after all, but thank you for mentioning that you did get the ring after dying as a phantom. I will definitely try to look into it later, it would be nice if it could be verified by video or some such so that there is no doubt. If it has been changed, that is an important thing to make note of. Later on I may try it myself, eventually.

The major problem with going to menu to quit game is that the boss will kill you while you go through the menu.

I guess that is a matter of preference and how quickly you can navigate the menu. Keep in mind you can still walk around while the menu is open though, might make it a little easier for you, but there's no big difference either way of quitting for the bosses. If hitting power works better for you, best to do what works best. Personally I haven't had any problems quitting out of boss fights while backing away from them in a diagonal manner, maybe try that and see how it goes for you?

I mainly wanted to mention that, for situations where you have already died, if you hit the power button, it won't save you because the autosave process begins very quickly. The start/quit method is just an alternative suggestion if you can do it quickly enough. Personally I find it easier, but best to stick with what works best for you after all.

What other advise do you have for those coming here for advice?

I do have a few bits of advice.

-Never jump anywhere unless you have full confidence in your jump. The game can be completed without using the jump command to cross any gaps. This is a common run-killer for people.

-If you are attempting no deaths and no bonfires at the same time, like I mentioned before Clubs (regular) are pretty cheap and even un-upgraded are very effective against most PvE enemies. I bring 10 Clubs with me along one of the four main paths, and use a different upgraded Club for bosses. When I get back to Majula, I throw away the broken Clubs and buy new ones, and repair the upgraded one.

-You can light bonfires without breaking the bonfireless run, as long as you do not sit at them. You can later use Homeward Bones to return to those bonfires as a checkpoint.

-After beating your first boss(es), hold off on levels momentarily and buy a stack of 99 lifegems. Eat them like candy, never go into a fight without full HP.

-If attempting the run on NG+ and you have the Iron King DLC, I highly recommend equipping a few spells before starting NG+, with the Crown of the Old Iron King to restore spell charges over time. Repair and Great Heal will be very useful and can replace bonfires.

I'm reaching the character limit for this post already, so I can't really say much more. Hope some of that helps.

User Info: ScarletSuzumiya

8 months ago#6
I ran out of room in the previous post, but if you (or anyone else coming to the topic) happen to have any questions about any parts of NDNB runs that seemed particularly difficult in your experience, I'll be glad to share whatever I know.

I tried to cover some basic stuff up there, but if anyone is struggling with any specific portions of the game, I'm sure that I/someone else could come up with a good solution that works for whatever preferred build the player is using.

Edit: Before I forget about it, having a bow and some arrows around is always good for these runs even if your build does not have the stats to wield them properly. All you are aiming for is to pull the attention of a single enemy from afar - that will help you in locations where you find yourself struggling with too many enemies to work with. Even if you can't manage to get just one enemy, it will usually not bring the entire group at once.

User Info: Thundaka

8 months ago#7
Thanks to both of you for the advice. I attempted this run on NG+3 (on the same file as I earned the Platinum), and only managed to complete the No Bonfire part of it. My first death was against Scorpioness Najka, of all places--I got way too sloppy with my dodging and healing--but I also died many, many, MANY times to the Archdrake warriors in the Shrine of Amana. I plan to retry the No Death run on NG+4; with luck, I'll be able to survive better if I don't have to worry about saving Estus charges.

If I could offer some observations of my own:

-In the parts of the Shrine of Amana with Archdrake mobs, you can use the game engine's limitations to your advantage. At sufficiently long range, the enemies are no longer visible--and since this range is fixed, you can adjust your position so that only one enemy is visible. That way you can take out one enemy at a time with arrows, without aggro-ing the entire group. (I used the Alonne Greatbow to do this, but I assume it would work equally well with any bow.) It may seem cheap, but given how easily they aggro and how much damage each one does the deck was pretty blatantly stacked against me. Needless to say, you'll need a whole lot of your chosen arrow type.

-If you attempt this in NG+ or higher, Divine Blessings are invaluable. There were a number of battles--the Demon of Song and the Giant Lord come to mind--where the bosses didn't quite one-shot me, but did so much damage that even two Estus heals couldn't keep me alive. (This was with 50 Vigor and Llewelyn armor, if you're curious. Now that my Vitality is much higher and I can equip the Havel set, I might have better luck the next time around.) Divine Blessings heal just as quickly as the Estus Flask, are a guaranteed full heal, and after three runs of the game I had a good 30-40 in my inventory.

(Edit: Just noticed that Scarlet already mentioned the Crown of the Old Iron King, so I removed my bullet point on it. Definitely second his/her advice: If you play defensively and heal between battles, that crown can make your Estus and items go a very long way.)

Hope that helps any other players attempting such a run. It's no walk in the park, I can tell you that.
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