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auraofsmiles 5 years ago#1
Retyping this just to fix so many spelling errors. I was way to sleepy when i wrote this.

This will be with most recent patch im assuming they are done patching this game now. Im using sotfs on ps3.
The dlc isnt needed for anything but a few items and those can simply be replaced with something else no trouble. The ps4 and xbone sotfs will have enemies and items moved from certain locations i dont know these sorry this works for ps3 just slightly modify as needed.

I decided to put together some tips to help "everyone" get these rings.

This isnt a guide for for farming items. There are plenty of places to google for all this information and ill assume you can find any items i mention.

What this is is a guide to help people who arent that great at DS2 actually manage a no death/no bonfire.
Ill make the game super easy anyone can get the rings.

For starters plug in your controller.
A dead controller means a dead you.

This run can be done at any soul level but for the sake of the i cant do this argument get to at least soul level 370. This level boost along with recommended gear will make 98% of the game trivial. If you care about your soul level just make due with lower gear/stats or look elsewhere sorry this is a guide to cheese DS2.

For gear go find yourself a nice havals set because reasons. If you have the dlcs or softs edition id recommend the crown of the old iron king. If not put on whatever looks nice and isnt too heavy.
Visit your favorite blacksmith and max level your gear.
There is no reason to wear a +1 item when +5 or +10 is easy to get.

For rings grab yourself any +2 or +3 quartz rings of each element to swap out as needed.
Get at least 2 gowers rings of protection.
These break quick put save your life so much even more so if you forget and enemy or 2 behind you.
Id probably never take it off.
For reason made of cheese youll be using your favorite spell the entire playthrough this game is cake for anyone with spells so wear a +2 spell casting speed ring for most the game.
Life ring +2 or +3 for that boost of hp. You probably wont bother taking this off it may help.
Thrid dragon ring for stamina hp and equip load.
Never take this one off and if it breaks please have second dragon ring as a backup and maybe a equip load +1 or +2 as a backup for your backup.
Hawkeye ring for sniping with a bow if you care to bring it. 50+% of the enemies you run into can be killed before they even move just shoot away and boom troubles go away.
Yorghs ring is lovely in a few sections if you have dlc to pick one up.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
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auraofsmiles 5 years ago#2
Weapons are simple.
Pick your favorite casting tool. (Magic Staff of wisdom)
Your favorite bow (lightning bow of want)
Your favorite/reliable melee weapon (plain old mace)
Havals great shield for maximum blockage
Max these at blacksmith

Consumables are easy to buy dont farm extras its a waste of time
20+ repair powders (99 isnt need but why not they are cheap)
20+ amber herbs ( grab 99 as well they are cheap)
5+ brightbugs (trust me dont horde these things they make the game easier)
99 life gems
30+ radiant life gems/elizabeth mushrooms
30+divine blessings (id use these over estus since you wont be getting more estus and these work way better at slightly slower speed to drink)
5+ of each elemental burr
20+ dried roots ( the ones from dlc they suck but hey constant healing the whole playthrough since they last a long time)
300+ of your favorite arrows(lightning to match are lightning enchanted bow)
999poison arrows(because poison works)
Aged feather/10+homeward bones/darsksign (this is your choice the feather is obviously the best choice)
2million+ souls in consumables (ng+ 2m ng++ 3m this goes on till it caps at 8m depending on your current playthrough because the shrine of winter skip is by far the safest way to go. I would bring 80 giant lord souls for and instant 2m souls.)
Maybe 1 seed of a tree giant for any certain npc invader that just pisses you off.

As for stats

50 VGR
Hp is awesome any more is just a waste of points unless you have spare points.

Stamina is life. If you ever have spare points put them here first.

This gear is heavy if you bring a heavier weapon you may have to change setups because youll need to stay under 70% equip load or fat rolling may get you killed.

More spell speed more spell slots this is your main killing source so keep it high

To weild this monster of a shield dont bother with anything higher.

Keep this a minimal as possible but just high enough for your bow of choice or weapon if you decide a mace isnt good enough for you.

Just boost this till your AGL stat says 105 any more investment is a waste unless your pushing it to 115

50INT minimun 20
Only if your using staff of wisdom and magic in general. Spice all spells you will use to meet your INT level going higher than 50 isn't needed. At least 20 no matter what as it helps elemental resists.

Get this higher if your want to use faith/hex builds
You'll need at least 20 for elemental resists.

As for spells to make this game feel your wrath.

Denial-- isnt really needed with this gear. If your healths that low you are already dead and most likely will only die of fall damage anyway as enemies wont hit you very hard. Bring this if you must. From my experience it doesnt seem to stack with brightbugs but ill need more testing to be certain.

This spell will make bad guys go away. Use it love it bring it.

Dark or faith builds
Maybe bring GRS or sunlight spears these spells tear things up.

Im writing this with assuming youll use INT build because its easy but hey maybe youll have a better time with others.

Homing crystal soul mass.
Its great for that 1 guy for forgot. It stuns invaders for a second so you can spell spam there faces works nearly everywhere.

Soul spear/crystal soul spear
Fill all remain spell slots with either of these but not both.
With crystal youll hit harder but you can bring more regulars its totally up to you but id recommend hitting harder always. Its them or you :)

Anything your not going to absolutely use put it away itll just get in your way menu managing is easier without 3000 items to scroll through itll cause less panic and you likely wont need anything i havent listed.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#3
Play offline

Your friend may want to help but unless your absolutely confident he can kill every invader of the human sort just stay offline turning off your system to avoid invaders has side affecrs so dont do that.

These rings can be obtained in any playthrough ive done this myself so dont let someone tell you it must be the first run.

If youd like do no death and no bonfire separately.
Doing them together is easy if you dont die there really isnt a need to use a bonfire unless you need items or spells repaired which is why we bring the repair powder and amber herbs.

No death means dont die ever.
If you go online and die while helping someone else it counts as a death even if your in there world.
Ring of life protection saves your souls but you do still DIE.

No bonfire is really easy and doesnt need a guide.
Dont ever sit at a bonfire its that simple.
You can light them.
You can homeward bone
You can use primal bonfires to return to majula.
You cant sit at a bonfire
Its safer just to never light them to avoid even sitting at 1 by mistake
Always walk away from a bonfire before quitting or taking a break.
Dont bother leveling during a ng+ run
She likes to be so darn close to the bonfire in majula and ive hit the bonfire instead of leveling before. So get your levels before you start your game.

Dont use your consumable souls until i point out USE YOUR CONSUMABLE SOULS
Its possible to die before you need them and its just wasted for the run save them for next try.

Because new enemies spawn on NG+ you may not be 100% familiar with the areas as much as you think.

My advice is you have a separate character at least already on ng+ to practice each area before hand so you can notice the changes before you attempt on your no death bo bonfire character.
This second character can die and can use bonfire. Who cares about him. he is for practice so you get your real run done right.

Once you have everything you wish make sure it is all in your inventory and not in your stash then choose the option at majula bonfire to start your next journey.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#4
When your ready have your practice character who is already on ng+ start off. Youll notice changes even in things betwixt.

At no point in this run will you pick up a single item from a dead body a chest or dropped otherwise.
That loot may be a trap. That chest may eat you.
It may be near a ledge. Nothing is worth it. You can get it all later once you have your rings so stop right now and remember leave that crap where it is you brought your own gear and you wont run out if your even close to what i recommend its well over prepared because your scared and thats reasonable.

Run to majula nothing in your way but a few falconers who are easier to run past than fight.
You back protection ring will help if for some reason you got hit use a repair powder in town.

Light majula bonfire thats all we do here then your ready to leave. Please dont sit here and ruin your run before you even start.

No matter what if you take 1 damage once the battle is over keep health at 100% the smallest hp might make a difference. You have the life gems use them. Keep this mentality the whole run.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#5
First step is to kill the last giant a very easy task.
Nearly every enemy on the way to the boss is affected by yearn.
Youll be basically unkillable to these anyway so toy with them get used to what you have or yearn them and run by.
I will assume you kill every enemy we ever come acrossed because its not hard. Itll make you worry free. Noones behind you move forward.
Snipe them from a distance whenever possible.
Practice on your alt character if your scared of the last giant no worries we will bring a friend.

Since these enemies cant really kill you we will take a small detour and talk with pate. Idk if you have to get locked in and come back out for his to help with boss but i do this its a stupid easy section with yearn and soul spears. Also good practice. Either way make sure you exhaust his dialog them move on to the boss fight.

Summon good old pate and watch him tank the boss like a boss while you wreck him from afar with your magic. Your not really in any danger once he has agro and your on other side of boss room.

Once the boss is dead and you have the key it drops homeward back to majula and that parts done.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#6
The next step is to get a branch of yore.

Any speedrunner will tell you the quickest is at the bottom of the gutter but we might die from some falls here and there and im taking 0 chances. Lets get an easy branch.

Head toward your good friend the dragon rider.

Its simple and speed runners will show you he falls off of cliffs reall easy for an instant boss kill.

Im not going to tell you to run him off a cliff.
If you think youll die 1/10000 times doing this it aint worth it we have another way.

Kill all if the giant knights on the way to the boss. Yearn doesnt work here but your bow does and soul spears should kill them fast 2-3 hits and even if they camp behind shields just spam magic and they die quick enough anyway.
Avoid fighting any enemy ever near a cliff you might roll off. Lure things with arrows to where you think is safest.
Always keep your spells topped off with herbs and even if you only get hit once check your rings. They have low durability and break fast use repair powders like candy keep them topped up even if you bring extras which you should have.
There is a new enemy youll spot him quick hes red but he can be sniped with poison arrows making him die quick enough.
Pull both levels to make boss room expand.
This makes sure you cant fall off.
Before the boss room youll see a summon sign tgis guy is actually not so worthless use him to tank boss while you kill him in seconds with magic super safe. You can just hide behind your giant shield till the boss looks at your buddie.

Once the boss is dead carefully go upstairs and talk to the lady making sure you get her back to majula just hit talk on her a few times till she repeats herself.

When shes ready homeward.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#7
Now head towards that girl you just talked to and pay her 2000 souls to move the room.

We now head towards the skeleton lords.

All the enemies here can be toyed with yearn.
Feel free to do so you should have herbs to keep yearn topped off and blast them away with magic.
The big guys may seam scary but they are just as stupid yearn makes them run in circles while you shoot them.
Pull the lever and dont go into the skeleton caves take the long way killing those enemies is easier.
On the cliff part the path that goes up to an obvious item trap id recommend to clear this area. If you wish you can lure the invader to this area for and easy fight with no cliffs involved.
Along the edges once you clear out the little hut youll notice some new flashy red guys spawn out of nowhere.
Yearn immediately then run in hut shooting them from safety while they look at the light.
Just down the way past the red guy that spawn is an invader at this point either lure it way back so you dont have to ledge fight or just bolt for the boss door forcing the invasion to end.

You can brightbug the boss but it isn't really that bad. 2-4 magic blasts kill each lord just only kill them one at a time. Use yearn to round up the skeletons that spawn the blasto them repeat till fights over.
Even the pinwheels of death go for yearn which is awesome. All of the skeletons can be killed before they finish standing up if you want to kill them right away or just spam yearn either way easy.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#8
This next part is very quick and painless when you reach the poison fog stuff there will be a couple yearnable skeletons that get up take care of them and shoot the big guy in the fog from way away. His magic hits very hard but he cant aim up making him super easy to snipe. Once he is dead run into the fog and grab the branch when needed in the little cove.

Homeward back at this point.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#9
Now we head towards the shrine of winter.
After you unpetrify your friendly pryomancer
Talk to benhart after you unpetrify her we will use him later.
pull the lever and yearn not really a trap for you anymore :)
We will light the bonfire at the path that splits 3 ways dont sit at it though.

Snipe and yearn everything to the shrine.

If you didnt know how many its 2m for ng+ 3m for ng++ and on just like that till ng+++++++ where it caps at 8m
Dont care how you got them im sure it took a couple hours.
Optionally kill all 4 primals but thats not for this guide we are taking the easy way out.
If for some reason the door does not open with you using the souls in front of it search bug complaints or double check you actually had enough bummer either way.
Maybe honeward to bonfire and walk back reloading the area or save and quit to reload the game.
Never been an issue for me so lets move on.
Yearn your way into the castle.
Dont think it works on the mammoths i didnt check but they super weak to spells anyway. Yearn the baddies to the golems near door to kill them where needed get in make sure you arent followed.
Some people hate this part use a brightbug if its scary.
Snipe your way to the twin dragonriders.
Dont forget the backstabbing invader just lure him back away from ledges and kill. As for the boss.
I have never had the archer survive more than 3-4 high end spells youll get 2-3 off the second you enter the door kill the archer asap. Kite the big guy. Your shield can tank him pretty good.
Brightbug before the fight with this gear you should not take much damage no matter what happens fights over quick
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
auraofsmiles 5 years ago#10
Dont fall down that hole and take the ladder.
Do not jump into the room with the statues snipe them.
Sadly they dont yearn but since your up on a ledge above them they just walk around the room.
Try to kill one near the statue and your done. May take a few minutes for one to walk near it for the kill to activate the golem but once its done close the door and go back down the ladder to the elevator. Grab the key from chest after kiting the new red guy around the room till he dies and go back down the elevator.
Nice spooky room with twinblade statues pop a brightbug.
They die quick but 4 on 1 you may need that bug.
Snipe last guy at end of hallway and summon your friend before the boss.
Lightning resist ring on if you wish maybe a burr. He wont hit hard and is easily killed while distracted with your npc. If he summons help just blasto the new phantom then return to boss most likely boss will die before this happens. Ride the elevator to your favorite sniping spot.
"He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby Corwen."
---Black Mage No. 33---
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