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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#51
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
Come visit The Range

User Info: Subxero7

5 months ago#52
I got around to playing this game for the first time 2 weeks ago. I played the crap out of demon souls way back when then took a break from playing anything in like 2013 till just a few months ago. Got the urge to play demon souls so i went and picked up DS1 and DS2.

Put some solid hrs into DS, did about everything i wanted and it started to get a little dull for me so I finally started DS2. For first playthrough i typically do a blindish, no summon, no shield run. Only after i clear an area and boss ill check an item list for the area to see if i missed anything that sounds like it might be decent.

With that being said i have been playing the whole time without knowing how matchmaking works, and SM until 2 days ago when i seen it mentioned and looked into it. Through my first playthrough i have found the game good but different, somethings seem easy other things a little harder. The whole time i have felt like it has been easy to level up, kept getting a little concerned this build was going to be too high of a level for any coop in NG+. I don't die a whole lot and cash most of my earned souls in so when i got around to seeing the difference between my SM and how many souls it would take to get to my SL i was a little surprised how large it was. At SL 127ish it would take ~1M souls to do the leveling, my SM is right around 1.5M So 500K spent/lost, I have been buying a fair amount of stuff and feel like the most souls i lost at one time was maybe 50k, then another around 25k and a bunch in small clips on way to Undead Purgatory at bonfire level 2.

Either way that puts me at like tier 29 30ish, I can imagine someone who dies a lot more or wastes a lot of souls buying items/weapons you will most likely just find in the game having a much larger gap. Stupid acid pit in Shaded ruins cost me 20K + to repair all my equipment after the 1st time i fell in.
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