Soul Memory Tiers and Exact Ranges for Multiplayer Connections

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User Info: Zeolance

3 years ago#1
How are the ranges calculated?

Soul Memory is divided into tiers, but the tiers are not hard boundaries. Instead, different multiplayer items extend across different amounts of neighboring tiers. So there's no direct math involved, it's a question of A) What tier am I in?, and B) How many tiers above and below my own can I pair up with?

It is NOT anything like +/- 25%, 50,000, etc.

Tier # Soul Memory

Tier # Soul Memory
1 0 - 9,999
2 10,000 - 19,999
3 20,000 - 29,999
4 30,000 - 39,999
5 40,000 - 49,999
6 50,000 - 69,999
7 70,000 - 89,999
8 90,000 - 109,999
9 110,000 - 129,999
10 130,000 - 149,999
11 150,000 - 179,999
12 180,000 - 209,999
13 210,000 - 239,999
14 240,000 - 269,999
15 270,000 - 299,999
16 300,000 - 349,999
17 350,000 - 399,999
18 400,000 - 449,999
19 450,000 - 499,999
20 500,000 - 599,999
21 600,000 - 699,999
22 700,000 - 799,999
23 800,000 - 899,999
24 900,000 - 999,999
25 1,000,000 - 1,099,999
26 1,100,000 - 1,199,999
27 1,200,000 - 1,299,999
28 1,300,000 - 1,399,999
29 1,400,000 - 1,499,999
30 1,500,000 - 1,749,999
31 1,750,000 - 1,999,999
32 2,000,000 - 2,249,999
33 2,250,000 - 2,499,999
34 2,500,000 - 2,749,999
35 2,750,000 - 2,999,999
36 3,000,000 - 4,999,999
37 5,000,000 - 6,999,999
38 7,000,000 - 8,999,999
39 9,000,000 - 11,999,999
40 12,000,000 - 14,999,999
41 15,000,000 - 19,999,999
42 20,000,000 - 29,999,999
43 30,000,000 - 44,999,999
44 45,000,000 - 999,999,999

Multiplayer Item Ranges
Here is how the different items behave:

White Sign Soapstone
"Down 3, Up 1"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 18 - 21.

White Sign Soapstone with Name-Engraved Ring
"Down 6, Up 4"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 15 - 24.

Small White Sign Soapstone
"Down 4, Up 1"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 17 - 21

Small White Sign Soapstone with Name-Engraved Ring.
"Down 7, Up 5"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 14 - 25.

Cracked Red Eye Orb
"Down 0, Up 4"
Someone at tier 20 can invade hosts in tiers 20 - 24.

Bell Keepers
"Down 1, Up 3"
Someone at tier 20 can invade hosts in tier 19-23

Cracked Blue Eye Orb
"Down 3, Up 3"
Someone at tier 20 can invade hosts in tiers 17 - 23.

Red Sign Soapstone
"Down 5, Up 2"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 15 - 22.

Dragon Eye
"Down 5, Up 5"
Someone at tier 20 can send their sign to hosts in tiers 15 - 25.

Rat King Covenant
"Down 1, Up 3"
A host at tier 20 can summon phantoms from tiers 19 - 23.

Guardian Seal Range
Down 5, Up 4
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User Info: Zeolance

3 years ago#2
illusorywall -

It's hard to explain how I tested this without explaining how I knew what to try testing, so I might as well summarize the whole process.

--I obtained an altered mega mule file that was tweaked to include lesser soul items (most importantly, fading souls and large souls of a nameless soldier), to make testing specific values easier

--After some initial testing I figured out that any kind of +/- % system didn't work, but I couldn't make sense of the numbers. I got the impression that there might be some sort of tier system in place, and in testing this I also found the "top tier".

--Feeling stuck, I decided to pick a bunch of arbitrary values (0 SM, 25k, 50k, 100k, etc), and simply work my way up and find the lowest and highest hosts I could reach with the White Sign Soapstone from those values. I would ballpark the values at first, then go back and refine them until I found the point within 50 souls where the ranges worked/failed. That turned into this:

--This is where I knew without a doubt there was a tier system, but it seemed like they "overlapped" so it still didn't make a lot of sense to me. This is where I got the idea that there were tiers, but the White Sign Soapstone was crossing neighboring tiers by some unknown amount.

--In experimenting with the top tier more, I found that that Cracked Red Eye Orb could not invade beneath what I was assuming to be its "own tier". This is because the Cracked Red Eye Orb, when I tested it from 12m, was able to invade a 500m host. But when we tried the other way around, 500m could only invade down to 15m at the lowest. I expected this to be the result of the CREO have a smaller, or 0, downward range.

--I then used the Cracked Red Eye Orb as a tool to discover the individual tiers. Thankfully my hunch was correct. You can read an explanation of this thought process here:

--Once I found all the individual tiers, all I had to do to figure out the ranges of the rest of the items was 1) pick a tier, and 2) see how many tiers below and above it can reach other players in. I only had to do this once to get the correct ranges. I then retested them at a bunch of random tiers to make sure it was consistent. I found that I could accurately predict within 1 fading soul where a range would and wouldn't work.

This makes it look like I knew what to do every step of the way, but there was a lot of troubleshooting and head-scratching involved. There are more "failed" spreadsheets and notes I haven't shared. If I knew how to use the Cracked Red Eye Orbs to find the individual tiers earlier, it would've gone a lot faster.

Here I explain how I figured out all the individual tiers-

And here's some previous testing (not all) I did which helped me get to the point of figuring it out-

was tested on Ps3
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User Info: VegaGG

3 years ago#3
Credits here:
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User Info: Zeolance

3 years ago#4
Also, we found that after the host got invaded, the summons took anywhere between instantly and up to minute on most attempts. On a few occasions it stalled and took closer ~3 minutes. I think this is evidence that it generally works just fine mechanically, and that it's mostly "broken" just due to design (the general lack of early-game invasions + no incentive to stay in this covenant for long).

We also couldn't get the Blue Sentinel summoned when he was in a different area than the invader and host. I'm not sure if it's "supposed" to search different areas like the Cracked Blue Eye Orb, but it doesn't seem like it's intended to.

Soul Memory Range Calculator


Just did a bunch of re-testing to confirm that there's no level range at all. Not that there was much doubt of this, but someone was claiming there was so I did a series of tests on the White Sign Soapstone, Red Sign Soapstone, Small WSS, and Dragon Eye. Level 1 and Level 838 could always pair so long as they were in SM range.

Nothing really new but I hadn't checked a couple of those items before like that, so it's nice to have some futher confirmation.

here's some documentation:

Credits found here
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(edited 3 years ago)

User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 years ago#5
Let's get this b**** stickied this time.
Requesting now.
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User Info: coolfire1357

3 years ago#6
Thanks for posting this here too Zeo. Sticky requested.
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User Info: Zeolance

3 years ago#7
360 one already got stickied
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User Info: Nashandra

3 years ago#8
Needs a sticky
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User Info: brandonford

3 years ago#9
Sticky sent.
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User Info: Tales_of_Scott

3 years ago#10
Sticky achieved!

Great work TC/illusory and all involved in the project. Folks like you make souls games better.
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