Your favorite weapon from Demon's Souls vs. Darks Souls vs. Dark Souls 2

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User Info: shadowsofdawn

3 years ago#1
Its a showdown of your favorite weapons from all 3 games. List them and the tell the that your favorite!

For me:

Crescent Axe vs. Smough's Hammer vs. Chariot Lance

Smough's Hammer wins by a mile.
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User Info: Cvdf3

3 years ago#2
Knight Sword
Large Club (Gravelord Sword gets a PvE mention)
Not sure yet. Longsword for now []

User Info: chufa

3 years ago#3
Meat Cleaver*
Giant Warrior Club

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User Info: KDTProjekt

3 years ago#4
Claymore vs Claymore vs Claymore

User Info: ReahThorolund

3 years ago#5
DeS - Poison shotel
DkS - Longsword
DkSII - Manslayer

Poison shotel
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User Info: pixie_sticks

3 years ago#6
Demons': gravity
Dark: gravity
Dark 2: gravity
i dunno - just my inner goth dying to .... well, die i guess - PieThagora
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User Info: vegetassj3421

3 years ago#7
KDTProjekt posted...
Claymore vs Claymore vs Claymore

User Info: Nick_Chaos007

3 years ago#8
Blueblod sword
Astora Straight sword
Really don't know for Dark Souls 2. I use the barbed club a lot but its not really cool looking. It's up in the air, maybe there will be a boss straight sword in the DLC, there has to be! It'll absolutely suck but it will look badass and I'll use it regardless.
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User Info: RandyTheViper

3 years ago#9
DeS: Meat Cleaver
DkS: Baller Swag Sword
DkS II: Greatsword

Absolute favorite: Baller Swag Sword, by far.

User Info: KryptoKnight011

3 years ago#10
I sucked at Demons souls lol...bad

I just got lucky and a red came in and gave me a bunch of stuff.

But I'd go crescent falchion, balder side sword, and hmm...longsword or sun sword

Edit: BSS wins hands was just so aesthetically pleasing. And that moveset!
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