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User Info: Flamen_Red

5 years ago#1
Here's the intro and opening story sequence: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qin_dBhDypI

This game is a 1998 horror dungeon crawler/action RPG by From. It's basically the predecessor to the Demon's Souls games, both atmospherically and in light gameplay elements. The Souls games lifted a lot of stuff from this game and some other older games. Stuff like the oppressive atmospheres/locales, sparse and mysterious plot often told through stuff like items, unforgiving difficulty/lack of hand-holding, and incredible depth found in the game if you look carefully.

It's probably the best PS1 game, at least in my opinion, and also the best action RPG ever made. I just wanted to post about it since it's very similar to Souls in a lot of ways and made by the same devs but earlier, and criminally underlooked.

There was also a Japanese-language-only PS2 sequel which I'd really like to play...

User Info: Cvdf3

5 years ago#2
I watched a LP. I don't have decent means to get a hold of it. I could orobably download a ps1 emu. ..

User Info: Flamen_Red

5 years ago#3
Yea, unfortunately that seems to be the way a lot of people have to play PS1 games nowadays. I wish they would expand the library of PS1 classics on PSN. And also put them on PS4 already.

User Info: Braid_Dean

5 years ago#4
Shadow Tower Abyss was better,
and honestly I kind of wish Demons was more like it
than the first Shadow Tower, if it absolutely haaad to be j-gothica.
It even has a Patches-like character. You trade him
5 items for a key to a room that is empty, and then he betrays you
in the very next level.

But even just the smaller touches. For instance, theres a level
where a roar echoes through every once and a while.
Whenever the roar happens, the mobs in the level flinch in reaction
which not only adds to immersion but provides a sense of strategy.
And there are a few levels with tricks or angles like that.
Angles I would think would have been interesting to add to
these games, which is why I think they should get a reboot.

Or atleast an HD Collection.

User Info: Flamen_Red

5 years ago#5
Oh, you've played Abyss? Lucky. I really want to play it but I can't understand a lick of Japanese on my own and playing through games looking up every word usually hurts my head, so even if I imported it I'd be out of luck.

User Info: Alastor-10

5 years ago#6
Never played it but it does peak my interest. Its got the crappy intro music like Demon Souls'.
That being said, if I was the director and my creative director showed me the story board for that intro I would deck them just like that demon decked that knight.
I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

User Info: Ivalice_VKP

5 years ago#7
I own all of the King's Field, and Shadow Tower games (Shadow Tower: Abyss, was fan translated, if you didn't know). I also own Eternal Ring and Evergrace (Dark Souls II, has a few areas that reminds me of Evergrace).
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User Info: Braid_Dean

5 years ago#8
That fan translation wasnt finished, I had heard.

Its touch and go with the dated tech though.
You can love the games in theory and still be bored
with them in practice. And really, besides the one-shotters, the enemies
fall prey to the same almost tropish tactics. Bait, strafe and smack.

User Info: Tmk

5 years ago#9
I love Shadow Tower, though that game was a ***** and a half most of the time. It's basically King's Field: Super Hard Mode. And King's Field wasn't exactly easy to begin with.

But yeah, while it is said Demon's Souls is the spiritual successor to King's Field, I always said Shadow Tower is sort of the missing link between King's Field and Demon's Souls, as there are many similarities in how Shadow Tower and Demon's Souls both differ from King's Field (multiplayer, no BGM, a hub branching off into several distinct segmented worlds you go through to defeat the boss at the end to then open a final portal in the hub, voice acting, not leveling up from EXP but instead using souls to increase one individual stat 1 point, the distinct variations of weapons like fiery bastard sword, swift bastard sword, crushing bastard sword, having to use equipped items as a conduit to cast spells, having left and right hand equips distinguished and reserve equips for both hands, a hotbar for 5 consumable items you equip, etc.).

I feel like Dark Souls 2 inched ever so slightly towards some more Shadow Tower influence. Like the curse vases. The first time I saw them, I immediately thought of Shadow Tower. Plus the finite enemy spawns. I've only played 2 RPGs that have that, and the other is Shadow Tower.

I am super duper bitter that Sony kept Abyss from a release outside of Japan, especially since it looked extremely interesting. And they almost ****ed us over again like that with Demon's Souls! I hate Sony. >_>

Looking back, I feel like it was quite an accomplishment that I managed to beat Shadow Tower without any help looking stuff up. That game gives you no map, and as I said, it's really damn hard. Not just hard, but outright bastardly. There's an acidy labyrinth level, that I'd say is the precursor to World 5-2 in Demon's Souls. Main gameplay difference being instead of poison, you're just constantly taking damage from acid, which destroy your boots, and enemy acid attacks which can destroy everything.

As a random aside, I got a strange drop last time I played, in the Illusion World. I believe it was called King's Amulet, and I couldn't find any documentation of it online. It is very strong and gives both HP and MP absorb. One of the mask things on a wall dropped it.
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User Info: cozza92

5 years ago#10
HAHAHAA. I tried.
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