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User Info: Laggy_Sob

7 years ago#1
First of all again big thanks to westcurry.

In the equipment status of each weapon, there is a poise damage number.This number determines the poisebreak of each weapon.I know there was a rumor about it being stamina damage against a blocking opponent but this is incorrect.

Of course the values listed in the game ARE NOT the exact breakpoints.Exact breakpoints are determined by that number though, which is sometimes different between weapon classes too.For example a mail breaker breaks more poise than a rapier but less than an estoc.We tested this for over 4 hours and it was consistent. Let me say that this determines the 1HR1 and 2HR1 poisebreaks AND NOT the R2s.

ALL 2HR2s broke the most poise we could get (159).I will be listing such attacks that break ALL poise as poisebreakers (pb for short from now on).

Another interesting thing is that hitting someone with the tip of your weapon breaks less poise than a head on hit.Exactly how much less poise i cant tell.Would take too long and it wouldnt be reliable cause we cant measure range.

Poisebreak chart:

10 Poise damage on equipment screen

(dagger, royal dirk, parrying dagger, bandits knife, mythas bent blade, shadow dagger, thief dagger, manikin knife, spider fang, rapier, ricards rapier, chaos rapier, black scorpion stinger, spiders silk, espada ropera, handmaids ladle, claws, malformed claws, manikin claws, work hook)

1HR1 36 poise 2HR1 95 poise 1HR2 44 Poise

15 poise damage on equipment screen

(All whips except bloodied whip, broken straight sword, broken thief sword, all scythes except silverblack sickle, melu scimitar, monastery scimitar, shotel, manikin sabre, darkdrift katana, mail breaker, caestus)

1HR1 46 poise 2HR1 122 poise 1HR2 76 poise

20 poise damage on equipment screen

(shortsword, longsword, yellow quartz longsword, black dragon sword, broadsword, varangian sword, heide knight sword, sun sword, blue flame, scimitar, falchion, all katanas except darkdrift, estoc, aldia hammer, silverblack sickle, all spears, bloodied whip)

1HR1 60,5 poise 2HR1 PB 1HR2 76 poise

25 poise damage on equipment screen

(all twinblades except red iron twinblade, mace of the insolent, black dragon warpick, barbed club, foot soldier sword,, red rust sword, drakekeepers sword, red rust scimitar, warped sword, bound handaxe, infantry axe, homonculus mace, club, reinforced club)

1HR1 76 poise 2HR1 PB 1HR2 94 poise

30 poise break on equipment screen

(dragonslayers crescent axe, battle axe, bandit axe, gyrm axe, crescent axe, craftmans hammer, mace, morning star, blacksmiths hammer, heide lance, heide great lance,, red iron twin blade)

1HR1 91 poise 2HR1 PB


Extra stuff:poising through a hit is a lot different than dks, here u are gonna get slowed down even if you tank a hit (to prevent poisestabs i guess) but you are still able to attack, roll etc

Most roll frames have hyperarmor i think anyone with a brain knows this by now

Innate poise plays no role by itself, it only adds to total poise as it seems

Same testing methods as last time were used in case anyone is wondering.

So yeah, inb4s***storm i guess?
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User Info: TheError404

7 years ago#2
So if I do the running 2H stab attack with the Darkdrift Katanta, thats 122 poise damage?

User Info: DJ_0000

7 years ago#3
Cool, I am actually pretty happy for poise to be less accessible this time around.
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User Info: haarlem1982

7 years ago#4
Nice work! Sticky requested
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User Info: blue_wat

7 years ago#5
This is good stuff. Thanks TC!
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User Info: Dabrikishaw15

7 years ago#6
blue_wat posted...
This is good stuff. Thanks TC!
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User Info: JaySnow42

7 years ago#7
Yes, great information, I heard poise was multiplied in multi-player, this is great stuff, Thank you!
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User Info: Laggy_Sob

7 years ago#8
Forgot to mention that the numbers listed are needed to withstand a hit and not how much poise each weapons breaks
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User Info: Shamus425

7 years ago#9
Well done. I am glad someone actually took the time to test this stuff. Thanks TC!
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User Info: Laggy_Sob

7 years ago#10
2HWDR1 attacks seem to be poisebreakers too, but im not 100 %sure on this.More testing will be done in the next days ill be sure to check this out
*I got rekt.West too good*
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