Bethesda & Bioware should learn from From Soft how to make good action WRPG

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  3. Bethesda & Bioware should learn from From Soft how to make good action WRPG

User Info: BPSatsuki

3 years ago#1
Their RPGs (Skyrim, Dragon Age) are bland, uninteresting and have bad combat mechanic. All they do is to fluff their games with huge world, copy-and-paste dungeons and with tons of boring dialogue with boring NPC. They don't care about combat mechanic, enemy AI, environment mood and atmosphere

It's funny how a small Japanese developer manage to make better action WRPGs than these 2 well-known and well-funded RPG makers.

User Info: IngExBein

3 years ago#2
Too bad Souls isn't a "W" RPG.

Also, Dragon Age Origins at least contained one of the most robust fighting systems I've seen for games of that type.

User Info: Aka_Neko

3 years ago#3
I personally really loved Skyrim, and had quite a bit of fun with it with all the hundreds of hours i put into it. DAO is one of my fave games of all time - ITS THAT GOOD. But Da2 dropped the ball and was crap.

User Info: Milleyd

3 years ago#4
Yeah, dunno how anyone likes Bethesda. Their big series hasn't been good since Daggerfall. Morrowind was at least playable but it was the start of a huge downfall from what was one of the best games ever.

Bioware is making their games too actiony. Mass Effect 1 was great but ehhh since that one. Dragon Age 1 was really good as well so I'm gonna wait for DA3 before I pass final judgment. The previews look really actiony as well but maybe the rest will make up for that.
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User Info: SolKarellen

3 years ago#5
Bioware figured out the magic formula where adding in "choices" garners universal acclaim. These choices boil down to "Normal person" and "ass".

They've been reskinning KotOR for ages. DA:O is awful. ME2 wasn't enough Gears to be a shooter, not enough RPG to be a RPG...
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User Info: TeHaMbUrGlAr

3 years ago#6
Eh i enjoyed Mass Effect 2 and 3.
I agree that Bethesda can learn from the Souls games on how to make their games more challenging and rewarding.

User Info: James Mason

James Mason
3 years ago#7
I have a hard time believing Dark Souls is a "Western RPG". For one it's made in japan , so it would be a "JRPG".

Second, it's pretty far removed from a RPG. Real Time Combat, Third Person Action and Platforming, a barely present story, the only "RPG" aspect is having to allocate stat points... The rest qualifies as Action Adventure in my book.
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User Info: Captain_Qwark

3 years ago#8
They're too busy rolling in millions upon millions to care about your horrible opinions. All 3 make fantastic games. Take your childish, elitist opinions elsewhere.
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User Info: peter_888

3 years ago#9
well i wouldn't really agree about dragon age origin having boring characters and dialogue. and find the lore to be interesting enough. Heck, Even as much as I hate dragon age 2, I have to admit that the game dialogue can be really funny and witty when it wants to be. Though I might agree that the games might not have all that good combat mechaincs.
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User Info: Gwyns_Beard

3 years ago#10
Elder Scrolls has never truly been about the combat. It's everything else. Amazing lore, great worlds, vibrant characters, fun quests. A bunch of junk like that.
Dragon Age: Origins was actually awesome. Never cared for 2. Being a mage was awesome in Origins. Virulent walking bomb all day, baby. 2op.
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