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User Info: SkrallRampager

3 years ago#1
Is this stat REALLY worth it.

So far... I'm thinking no....

I mean I do notice a slight increase in the speed of actions, but that slight increase is not really screaming awesome.

User Info: mlb_48-g5

3 years ago#2

This is an ability far more beneficial in real life.
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User Info: derpnik

3 years ago#3
It's fantastic. Makes the roll feel much better.

When you start off the game, it feels like a Monster Hunter roll, very few invincibility frames.

I'm up to 20 adaptability now, feels more like the DS midroll.

I'm guessing when you hit the soft cap it'll feel like the DS fast roll.

User Info: _denizen_

3 years ago#4
If you want movement like DkS you had better level it.

User Info: xtacb

3 years ago#5
so you get invincibilty frames back if you pump ADP??
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User Info: derpnik

3 years ago#6
You get more than the base roll has, yeah. And the roll speed goes up.

User Info: Gixen

3 years ago#7
So what´s the soft cap?
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User Info: soulegion08

3 years ago#8
27?i recall seeing 27 as a soft cap...or was it 25? lol
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User Info: bigdeath111

3 years ago#9
No ones quite sure what the soft cap is but from 20 to 30 is 7 more agility.

User Info: gibson2004

3 years ago#10
oroboro says 38 is the soft cap for agility, and he says it's really powerful when you max it out.

Interpret as you will I suppose, there aren't any full on side by side comparisons that I've found, but he's had the game long enough that he'd probably have a good idea. That natural poise seems like a good idea too. It also looks like you don't need much vit to stay in 'fast-roll'.
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