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User Info: zherot

6 years ago#1

So you cant save Carley?, WHAT A JOKE a game that is about decision not giving you the choice of saving her, thats garbage, PURE GARBAGE, whats the point on having this "decision" if the games is going to force things out whenever he wants it, not giving you the option to save her is the most BS i have encountered in any game, because you could always do something, is stupid that a game that tells you that the story unfolds according to your decision backstab you with this kind of BS, just like the 3 color endings of Mass Effect, they want to learn how to make a game like this they should ask CD PROJEKT RED.

Im not playing this anymore, uninstalling and never getting anything from this dev, they can go and F*** themselves.

And yeah, im upstet, they did this on purpose, they make us care about a character and then kill it without any way of us to saving it laughing at us, well im not gonna give them any money and im gonna talk straight about this in any kind of game community/forums im gonna be very vocal about this.

You dont make a game about decision, where the "player decision unfold the course of the story" and then forcing something LIKE THIS on our throats, if it wasnt a game like this, then ok, its good, its supposed to be that way, but this game isnt supposed to be this way, and in any case they are using falsing advertising to sell this game because its not what you are saying it is.
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