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  3. Need some suggestions on how to play my second playthrough (spoilers)

User Info: Naveen93

8 years ago#1
I'm about to start my second playthrough of the game, and I'm wondering how I should play in order to have the most fun and experience new things when compared to my first playthrough.

First playthrough: Played a caring, fatherly figure to Clem. Other than agreeing that we should consider killing Duck if he were bitten early in the game, I sided with Kenny in everything including letting him kill Larry. (he was a dick though, he didn't come with me at the end of Episode 4 because I saved Ben). I saved Carly. I started the game lying about Lee's past but I came clean with everyone as soon as Carly gave me the opportunity to do so. Took Clem with me to get the engine/meds in Episode 4. Told everyone about the bite and decided to cut off my arm in Episode 5.

Mainly, I'm curious to see how much of a difference it would make if I had done things the exact opposite. For example, on my second playthrough, would it be worth making Lee not care about Clem just to see the difference? Will Clem actually react differently to me throughout the entire game? Or will I only get minor dialogue changes with all the main events playing out exactly the same, meaning I was a dick to Clem for no reason?

I'm also wondering if Lee's character starts to seem inconsistent based on some of the choices. Going back to the Clem example, on my first playthrough, it seemed natural that Lee would care for Clem. He just seemed like a good guy, regardless of the choices I could make. So thinking back to my first playthrough, it would seem odd if all the main events played out the same way with the only difference being that Lee being distant from Clementine. Or is the game set up so that those choices don't actually have that big of an impact on relationships with characters? For example, if I chose a dialogue option that seems like it shows Clem I don't really care about her, will the game actually have Lee say something more neutral?

I'd appreciate some answers to these questions and some general advice on what choices I should make on my second playthrough.
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Started 1/27/2011

User Info: lockhart86

8 years ago#2
I'm playing the fourth chapter right now, and I feel this kinda relates to your question - though it doesn't answer it.

When you get to leave Clem at the house vs. taking her with you and Kenny, I left her at the house. She still saved me. I thought that was really weird.
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  2. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series
  3. Need some suggestions on how to play my second playthrough (spoilers)
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