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User Info: Bad_Mojo

3 years ago#21
Rottenmonk posted...
Fortunately it is pretty easy with keeper, since there are coins all over the place to heal

That's a great point

I haven't even looked up or noticed what I've unlocked now since I've beat a lot of the stuff with Keeper now.

I haven't done a lot of the challenges because I don't want to "unlock" the other Runes so I get a better chance of get Jera if one does show up.

And I'll never beat a damn thing with The Lost because I'm not anywhere near that good at dodging. I'm okay to beat the game on Hard with everyone, but no way can I play as The Lost.
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User Info: Elmdor043

3 years ago#22
If you can win with the Keeper then the Lost should be no problem. If you have that much trouble then either just keep doing runs until it's natural or just reset until either a dead cat curse room or great item in an item room. If you're going for Boss Rush then aim for Gnawed Leaf for sure because it's crazy, even moreso now that the bosses are random and can't be predicted anymore, glad I cheesed it with GL before AB.

User Info: Rottenmonk

3 years ago#23
For me, everything was super easy for The Lost with the exception of Mega Satan since you can't really get devil deals unless you luck out and get a Dad's Key or get out of jail free card.
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User Info: Bad_Mojo

3 years ago#24

Just beat Boss Rush with The Lost


Picked up Lazarus' Rags by mistake, and it took the place of Dead Cat, which I had. Forgot about this, got killed and came back as Lazarus, killing my nearly perfect set up to kill some bosses -

Tammy's Head
Sacrificial Dagger
Halo of Flies
Spoon Bender
Humble Bundle
Daddy Longlegs

And then a few Space Items and a few other passives that I can't remember.

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