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User Info: mvpeast

8 years ago#1
Hi guys I need someone to send me an easy challenge in chronovolt so I will send you one in return. Feel free to add me for the trophy.

PSN: mvpeast
Add me for PS Vita Trophy Hunting!

User Info: firstgold

8 years ago#2
Sweet, I needed someone too.

PSN: firstgold92

User Info: JONlCS

8 years ago#3
i sent friend requests to both of you :)

how do we do this?

User Info: JRPG

8 years ago#4
My PSN: JoeRpg84

This game is actually fun, glad I decided to ignore the reviews.
PSN: Joerpg84
3DS: 2621-2720-6163
(message deleted)

User Info: greenpimplegoo

8 years ago#6
Can someone please do the same for me? PSN is SadSnooze.
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Legend - January 27, 2011

User Info: kennyk69

8 years ago#7
Please do the same for me and I'll return the favor.

PSN: GeorgeSugarwood

Thank you.
Currently Playing: Halo 4 (360), DC Universe Online (PS3), Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3/vita).

User Info: Exodecai

8 years ago#8
PSN: Exodecai

Add me and I'll help you out, I also need it myself
Proud Supporter of Waluigi for Smash 4. Waluigi Time!

User Info: CorruptedRPG

8 years ago#9
I need this trophy too....

Guess I'm too late.

User Info: Deadstanley

8 years ago#10
I need this one too. Add me and I'll reciprocate.

I don't really know how you get it. I thought you get the trophy for just beating a friend's time on the leaderboards. I did that but it didn't take. Also, I notice a lot of my scores don't even make it to the leaderboards. They aren't too low to get on there, but it's like the game isn't paying attention.

The only other way i think you can get it done is to win a "challenge" you make against a friend.

PSN: Deadstanley
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