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User Info: Reverseisback

1 month ago#1
Buy just a monthly membership being that I see I’m going to have to sign up for Xbox access if I wanna snag a series x which says it gives 24 months of game pass and live service. Any other suggestions
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User Info: crazyray47

1 month ago#2
A series gives 24 months of gp?!


User Info: SilverUberXeno

1 month ago#3
What you just described would indeed work. If you buy a Series S/X with the "all access" plan it includes Gamepass, so you would not need to have your own separately sourced sub at that point.

A reasonable alternative would be to buy a bundle through Gamestop. This, like an All Access purchase, is much easier than snagging a $499 base retail kit. I don't have the exact pricing on the bundle available, so what I'm about to share are approximations:

Retail Xbox + 2yrs of Gamepass at retail price would be $860.

Xbox All Access (Same as above bundled together) is $840. Slightly better, indeed.

A bundle includes the Series X console, plus an extra controller ($60) plus two games ($60+$60?) plus a headset, I think? And maybe a short Gamepass sub of 1-3mos? This is more than you want to pay, but depending on what's included you can recoup some costs. Controllers are valuable - keep the spare or sell it for $50. If the games are desirable you can easily sell those for $40/ea.

Say you like the headset, and you've sold the other games. Maybe now you're at $650 out of pocket.

Now, you can buy *three* years of Xbox Live Gold, which is about $60/yr. Decline any "free month" offers you receive as part of the sign-up/redemption. Once that's done, buy the smallest increment of GamePass Ultimate you can. Based on how the system is set up right now, your entire duration of XBLG will roll into GPU. So $180 of XBLG + 14.99 of GPU = 36 months of GPU for $195.

To summarize, if you're out $650 from the bundle, then do this Gold>GPU Gamepass conversion, you end up at almost the same investment as Xbox All Access, but you get an entire extra year of GPU. And maybe you sell the games/controller a little higher, who knows?

Beyond these options, any given day could be the day you get one for the $499 retail price.

That's your best option, obviously. Bundle or All-Access are reasonable second options. Please don't buy from a scalper.

Good luck.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
1 month ago#4
crazyray47 posted...
A series gives 24 months of gp?!

Through All Access.
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