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User Info: hitman_uk

1 month ago#1
Can I get Gamepass without having a Gold sub?

If so can I still play MP on GP games?
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User Info: mcr_182

1 month ago#2
Yes they sell Gamepass by itself and no you need need Gold to play Multi-player games online
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User Info: SilverUberXeno

1 month ago#3
Post #2 is correct. The $9.99/mo Gamepass option does not include access to online multi-player.

Your question suggests you do not know what I'm about to tell you. Read carefully.

You can convert a XB Live Gold subscription to Gamepass Ultimate. When you do this conversion, the time left on Gold converts to time for GPU at a 1:1 ratio. So if you have 2yrs of Gold paid for, then buy any amount of GPU, you now have 2yrs (+ whatever increment of GPU you bought) of GPU.

You can have up to 36 months of Gold stacked up for the GPU conversion. Not 37. For this reason, if you are redeeming multiple codes to get to 36mos, do NOT agree to recurring billing for a free month of Live.

For example, if you redeemed a 12mo code and got a free month, then redeemed another 12mo code, you're at 25mos. You can't redeem your last 12mo code now, because that would put you over 36mos.

If you've never had GPU before, you might even have a $1-for-3mos option on XB dashboard. Or a $1-for-your-first-month option. These would convert your existing gold all the same. It does not seem to matter what duration of GPU you buy, so once you stack up as much Gold as you want, find the cheapest GPU you can.

This conversion option is unlikely to last forever. It essentially gets you GPU for the cost of XB Live Gold. Strike while the iron is hot.
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