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User Info: DaGame007

2 months ago#1
I've been meaning to try this for a while and really interested to see why this is a cult classic. Going in with an open mind and looking forward to playing one of the more lesser renowned but beloved games

User Info: fratalien

2 months ago#2
It’s frustrating in some ways but very fun. I played it this year for the first time.
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User Info: GunValkyria

2 months ago#3
I beat it way back on the Xbox 360 one of the best games ever made
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User Info: DigitalFury_

1 month ago#4
It's a great game... it plays very differently than RPGs like Greedfall, Skyrim or Fable so expect a much different experience with some familiar features. The world is relatively small but it's filled with interesting battles and monsters.... It's basically Monster Hunter-lite combat set in an open world RPG
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User Info: ArdentPyro

1 month ago#5
I had fun with it for the first several hours. Then I found about 40 bandits blocking my way to continue the story. They swarm me and my group with no chance of survival. Just be aware of difficulty spikes.
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User Info: gangoplush

1 month ago#6
Keep playing after you beat the story. Dark arizen added a lot of stuff. One of the best dlc ever.
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User Info: VyceBrand

1 month ago#7
Love the Game, yeah the world is small but theres p plenty of content

User Info: Fiyun

1 month ago#8
Do look into pawn mechanics to avoid s***ty behaviors.
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User Info: sirhett

1 month ago#9
Fiyun posted...
Do look into pawn mechanics to avoid s***ty behaviors.
This. Study up on inclinations, they make a big difference, especially so between classes.

User Info: bossk5

1 month ago#10
Great game, unfortunately getting your pawn rented at launch on the One was hard enough....I can't imagine how it is now....No matter how good your pawn is.
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