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  3. Is resident evil 6 worth?

User Info: joserics

1 month ago#1
If I am a fan of 4.Been playing on Nintendo only but recently I got the One S, and I see that this game is on sale, along with various resident evil titles, should I get it if I am a fan of re 4?
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User Info: gangoplush

1 month ago#2
I wouldn't. I wasn't a fan of 6. Gameplay changed into a qte action game. Story is bad. It's the worst main numbered resident evil game by far.
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User Info: SammichTime

1 month ago#3
If your buying games for a Resident Evil collection RE6 would be one of the games on the lower end of the list. It isn't bad but not great either. It has very little survival aspects and plays like a shooter. It is disjointed in story pacing due to whole story is split up among multiple protagonists and their stories are like episodes. So by the time you get invested in a character their time and story ends making you move on to the next character.
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User Info: _Flextacy_

1 month ago#4
I quite enjoyed 6, mainly played the whole thing split screen, it’s 60fps on modern consoles too.. one thing I liked about the game was the length of it, but most people complained about that... each of the 4 campaigns plays differently, some definitely worse than others.. this game is quite different to 4, if u get the chance u might like re5 better..
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User Info: idonliketurtles

1 month ago#5
REmake, Code Veronica, RE0, RE2, RE5, RE Revelations are all significantly better than 6.

Also if you haven't played RE2 and RE5, a lot of the story in RE6 won't make sense to you. There are far more callbacks and lore related s*** going on in 6 whereas most other RE titles are fairly standalone.

User Info: joserics

1 month ago#6
Thanks, I think I will pass then, I am currently playing the evil within and give me strong re 4 vibes in a good way 😅, what about 7? it is good?
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User Info: NakedSnake1986

1 month ago#7
RE6 plays and looks like a Indy developed straight to Xbox digital only game. I seriously can not wrap my mind around how Capcom could create something that not only played like garbage, but killed the RE lore story wise as well. The remastered version for Xbone is much better than it's 360 counterpart due to the camera patches and the 60 fps. I would also go on to say you will have a little fun playing Leon's campaign, but that's it.

User Info: simonbelmont2

1 month ago#8
It feels quite different to 4 even though both lean more towards action.

RE6 plays even more like a straight shooter with a lot more action set-pieces (you get to fly a helicopter in one scene for example). The game is divided into chapters and different campaigns for different characters. The chapters are a mixed bag in terms of enjoyment factor. The game has some good ideas and fun chapters but also some bad ideas and chapters which are tedious.

One of the things it does do quite well is character movement. The characters can run, dodge and crawl which is nice. It also does have a lot of content. An example

I'd get it if it's on sale for five quid but I would go in with low expectations.
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User Info: Maverickneo

1 month ago#9
If you are fine with playing an action gears style shooter than RE6 isnt that bad especially the Leon scenario.

But if you are a fan of the RE 1-3 style "horror suspense survival" then you might not be that into it. It strays from the old formula by a lot.

The RE series in general started heading into the action shooter style with RE4 and started to dive more heavily into it every sequel after that. Re4>RE5>RE6 (by the time RE6 came out it was full blown action.)
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User Info: Bobsy84

1 month ago#10
It’s a bad resident evil and a pretty mediocre game in general.

It’s like they chucked everything including the kitchen sink into the mix and it ended up a bit of a mess.

They removed any exploration and it pretty much became a linear shooter trying to copy gears or uncharted but was nowhere near as fun as those series.

Leon’s campaign was about the best, and there were some genuinely fun scenes in it and a couple cool looking enemy types.

I love RE it’s my all time favourite series but even I find it hard to recommend 6. The Revelations side games were better imo.

If you could get a copy of REmake 2 though that would be a great follow on after 4. Modern look and controls but still has the classic RE exploration, puzzles and horror.

If you can get the games pass deal there are several RE titles on there, pretty sure 4,5 Zero and Revelations are all still on there so that’s worth a try, I’m going to get them on switch eventually but the price is crazy on Nintendo’s store for old games.
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