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User Info: FTWWholeFnShow

1 month ago#1
Or could you see just a backwards compatible version of the XB1s on next gen?

Other than the Ultra-Realistic 4K patch that's "coming", what's really left for Minecraft? New skin and theme packs can easily be released for the current generation versions. Would you pay another $20+ dollars for another vanilla version of the same game we've bought for:


I'm sure I'm missing some platforms, but you get my jist. How many times can we pay for the same game? Yes it's fun but what features can they add to warrant another full purchase next generation? I cant think of anything that drastic that we NEED, to justify it.

Just random thoughts this morning, what do you think?
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User Info: flame030191

1 month ago#2
Microsoft, Mojang, and 4J like money. That’s why the game even got a 3DS and Vita port.

If they continue to want more money, we’ll see it on the PS5 and NextBox at or shortly after release.
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User Info: sillyrascal

1 month ago#3
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User Info: DirtyRoller

1 month ago#4
I'm sure they will, who doesn't like money?

I've never played it, the game just doesn't interest me.
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User Info: Arishok

1 month ago#5
Maybe they won't. Make people wanna play it so badly they go out and buy a console just for it.
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