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User Info: Hucast9

1 month ago#11
Zombody2 posted...
I recommend Blue Dragon as well. It’s a different enough experience but it’s made by the same team plus it’s super cheap right now.

I also recommend this, but with the free hard mode mod. Beware of the extreme difficulty through disc 1. You need to level a bit more before you get to the part with the multiple booses on disc 1 on hard mode or you'll wish you'd never been born lol. The game is way too easy without the hard mode mod.

User Info: Hucast9

1 month ago#12
Theleeham posted...
sillyrascal posted...
Little tip TC. Make sure to collect seeds. They dont do anything but if you want to get the achievements to learn all spells for all characters then you'll need them.

As i found out 70 hours in.

The seeds are the least of your problems if you want every achievement in that game.

Yeah if you want every achievement, you might want to use a guide. If I recall correctly, there are areas in the game where you can't return, so you want to make sure you do it right the first time.

User Info: Hucast9

1 month ago#13
Yield2DNuggetry posted...
I got super wrecked by that bird creature boss on that windy mtn. Got. De.Ci. Mated. Serves me right for not spending 10 fo 15 min grinding. Felt somewhat good to know i cant ditz my way through it.

If I remember right, one of the good things about this game is that the grind has a limit. So even if you do grind, it can still be a challenge. Great design.

User Info: jenrais

1 month ago#14
Im still waiting for LO2

User Info: Kingspade1212

1 month ago#15
Have a box of Kleenex on hand
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User Info: mcnichoj

1 month ago#16
Rings posted...
It’s the best jrpg I’ve ever played.
Easily the best of its gen at the very least.
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User Info: youngskillz

1 month ago#17
yeah it's good.

check out infinite undiscovery and magna carta II.

you might like them.

i sure did.
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User Info: badboy

1 month ago#18
It was one of the main reasons for me to buy an Xbox 360, although I only finished it recently. Great game! I would say it is the 2nd best JRPG on the system after Tales of Vesperia (or the 3rd best one on home consoles of its generation after Ni no Kuni). It only has one problem which is there are too few save points. Some chunks of gameplay were more than 1.5 hours without save, and there are many cheap monsters that can easily give a game over to an unprepared party. But one would get used to these monster tricks early, so it is not a problem later on. My disc 4 didn't work, I had to buy another copy of the game. It's probably the only game I have two copies of.
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