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  3. This spring sale has given me ADHD.

User Info: K_ROC

1 month ago#21
I want to get Starlink or maybe start BDO for $10. Can’t decide yet.
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User Info: Neo1661

1 month ago#22
Watch Dogs 2. Thinking of getting Just Even, Witcher 3 and couple of the old times raider games. I've got Tales of Vesperia and Spyro Trilogy coming as well. All those plus still got Borderlands 2 and Mafia 3 to finish. Spany games to play and have lot of spare time for them but at the same time.....meh. I booted Watch Dogs 2 last night and was engrosses for few hours but then just started pissing me off. That mission that takes the Piss out of Knightrider pissed me well off. It took about 6-10 tries to get it done.

User Info: DigitalFury_

1 month ago#23
Haven't gotten anything. The only thing that I'm considering is Red Faction Guerrilla Remarstered
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User Info: TheRaiderNation

1 month ago#24
Tell me about it TC!

I picked up the forza 6 ultiamte edition and the ghostlands ultimate edition. Scoring the main games and ALL DLC for a cheap price was super nice.

Now I am debating about getting Soul Caliber IV for 20.

User Info: Ammonitida

1 month ago#25
I only picked up Tekken 6 just for the story mode. Miss out on it back in the day.

But goddamn, the last boss is f***ing impossible! None of the usual Paul super punch cheese works!

User Info: trostol

1 month ago#26
nothing really stood out to me that seemed like a fantastic deal that i really wanted

User Info: NeWsKiLLz

1 month ago#27
I'm ashamed to admit im more interested in the old 360 games. Is Dark void crap?

User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

1 month ago#28
The division 2
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User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
1 month ago#29
So far Diablo 3, Far Cry 5, MvC:I (yeah, I know it’s bad, but you can buy it with the season pass for less than just the season pass!).

Really considering AC Origins, and maybe Resident Evil 5-7? I never played an RE game until the 2 remake and am loving it, not sure if the others play similarly or not though.

User Info: shads3055

1 month ago#30
Yeah I still can’t decide if I should get Hitman 2 gold edition or metro exodus (though I hear it has bad freezing issues) or the hunter call of the wild reserve or just get nothing and pre order rage 2 and later f1 2019 possibly moto gp 19 as well. I already pre ordered Jedi fallen order. The sale is good but don’t need anything really. World war z is a maybe but seems like wait till it drops 15 dollars or so. State of decay 2 is a maybe. I hear it’s fun.
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  3. This spring sale has given me ADHD.
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