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User Info: ManBearTrump

1 month ago#11
Game still looks great on the PC, no need.
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User Info: LonnyJohnson

1 month ago#12
Mr_Starch posted...
Most likely a remaster. I feel like it would of gone bc by now but it hasn't because of licensed music.

It's my favorite game by the way


I actually emailed the band Health. Their music in the game isn't what's stopping it from coming out. Rockstar technically owns the rights to the music they made for the game so nothing has to go through the band at all. The rumor was that Jupiter Keyes who had left the band was the reason which isn't true after all.

It's my favorite game of all time as well. If it came to Xbox one I'd finally feel like my collection is complete. There is perhaps reasons why it hasn't been made compatible. Maybe it isn't a popular enough game for them to see a reason to do it just yet.

In many eyes who don't know the series they see another boring shooting. The whole package however was at its core a perfect shooter. The story in these types of game is usually pretty awful. It felt like watching a really well directed movie starring Max Payne himself as you watched his drug addiction spiral out of control and at the end he finally gets his peace.

It was a awesome game. Especially if you grew up playing these games. Seeing Max at the end chilling at the beach after all that killing was just beautiful.
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User Info: LonnyJohnson

1 month ago#13
SixStringHero posted...
Best shooter of last gen next to Gears of War.

The gun play and R* 's attention to the most littlest of details sets this game far and above other linear shooters.

I also loved the multiplayer. It died way to fast, and I think a lot of that had to do with splitting up the playlists between free aim and auto lock in addition to lower sales for a R* game.

At this point I don't think this game will ever be BC. It might be due to licensing issues with the soundtrack of the band Health. If they ever removed the song Tears, the game would not feel the same during the iconic airport scene.

You are correct about the multiplayer. Splitting up players, their general lack of care, and some problems with the engine and it was over fast. The small player base I think just made them give up on it quickly. One of the games biggest problems in free aim was people playing as the girls (which were proven to have small hit boxes) and dual wielding doing that sideways zigzag dance. People gave up and realized how op pistols were. It's not due to Health.
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User Info: eko111

4 weeks ago#14
remaster or one x enhanced, it's my favorite shooter actually

User Info: huerito323

4 weeks ago#15
ManBearTrump posted...
Game still looks great on the PC, no need.

You know they're talking about consoles. Nobody cares about PC on here

User Info: ClericIdola

4 weeks ago#16
Anyone expected GTA V to be a fusion of MP3's shooting mechanics and RDR's open world interactivity?

User Info: eston

4 weeks ago#17
GTA V did feel like it pulled some of the shooting mechanics from MP3 IMO
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