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  3. Prototype 2 is fun

User Info: Sikdope

1 month ago#1
I liked Proto 1 cause it had the jumping mechanics of Hulk UD. What do you think of Proto 2? Upgrading your powers is pretty sick.

User Info: AltiarLio

1 month ago#2
Had the worst protagonist but I agree that it was fun as hell. Wish we got a proper sequel.
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User Info: NSGraphite

1 month ago#3
Both games were awesome.
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User Info: DonVito1990

1 month ago#4
I liked the first game better overall but the 2nd one is good too.
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 month ago#5
I just got the first one Xbox 360 version the other day. I wanted to play it before the second one that I already have. Both look interesting. I am a little disappointed though that both 360 versions have not been made back compatible.

User Info: Zombody2

1 month ago#6
Saints Row 4 controls and feels nearly identical if you enjoy the prototype games. Unfortunately they don’t have all the super gore and such, but in terms of game feel it’s essentially the same.
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User Info: Sikdope

1 month ago#7
Anyone play Prototype 1 on Hard??? xD It's hectic!
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

1 month ago#8

User Info: DrRockso87

1 month ago#9
I like the first game more but the difficulty is just insanely unbalanced.

The second game though was too easy.

Still fun games. Sad Radical was closed down after releasing the second one.

User Info: EnemyWithin88

1 month ago#10
Both games ruled and I wish for a third one
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