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User Info: simonbelmont2

4 weeks ago#51
0ofreako0 posted...
kingofjamaica posted...

Simple side quest, get paint for the wall in Diamond City, requires 4 load screens. One to leave Diamond City, one to enter the hardware store, one to leave the hardware store, and another to go back into Diamond city.

For a maybe 20 minute quest, if you take your time, you have about 3-4 minutes of loading screens on console(half that on PC with an SSD).

yeah! look at this one example that's not common or something you run in to regularly! CHECK MATE!

Eh, sometimes the loading screen can stack up just for one quest. If you do any quest that requires leaving one interior cell to enter another one you'll repeat that process. If you aren't fast travelling it's an extra load screen to leave the Diamond City market and go to the entrance to complete the paint quest.

Let's say for example you want to leave the Diamond City market, travel to Goodneighbour and take on quest to get the beer robot and you aren't fast travelling. IIRC you'll go through seven load screens just to start the quest and enter the location where you can complete it. Then it's another four or five to turn in the quest and leave Goodneighbour. You can reduce the number of load screens a bit with fast travelling but it still takes a few. Obviously this won't happen with every quest, but sometimes they can stack up.

If you want to enter Diamond City and do the quest to find Nick it's a lot of load screens as well for example. It takes six just to get the quest and get out of Diamond City (or five if you fast travel after leaving the detective agency.) You can cut it down to four if you fast travel to Diamond City to get the quest and then fast travel out afterwards. But that's still four just to start the quest and leave Diamond City.

Fortunately Fallout 4 does have more quests that be completed without entering another cell than some of the other Beth games.
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User Info: Ammonitida

4 weeks ago#52
HypogeanGaol posted...
Cruddy_horse posted...
I really hope it's not in Hammerfell, that's honestly one of my least favorite parts of Tamriel. And I really, really hate deserts

Exact opposite for me. I like Hammerfell, and have always enjoyed a desert landscape to explore.

Hell no. I want medieval European architecture. Not Middle Eastern architecture that's out of place in high fantasy inspired by Northern European mythology.

User Info: Cruddy_horse

4 weeks ago#53
agentspoon posted...
@Cruddy_horse posted...
trostol posted...
disappointed..was hoping for Elsweyr

Same, they seem really determined to not do the more interesting and unique parts of the world, Morrowind was the only one that felt truly unique, like an Alien world almost, but then Oblivion was bland and generic and Skyrim while significantly better was still pretty disappointing compared to Morrowind.

The lore of some of the places in Tamriel sounds absolutely bonkers and I would love to see more of those places rather than generic fantasy lands we've been getting. I guess we'll have to settle for ESO when it comes to that though.

They have written themselves into corners with places like Valenwood and Elsweyr so unless cataclysmic events happen that significantly change the Lore I doubt we will ever see them realised.

Valenwoods cities are supposed to be walking trees, for Elsweyr they would need to model all forms of the Khajiit and they have lots of subclasses and Black Marsh is supposed to be swampish hellhole thats inhospitable to anyone thats not Argonian.

Yeah true, even ESO b****ed out and had alot of the interesting stuff thrown out or conveniently not there, like Valenwood with the tree cities and Ape-people. I'm sure they're gonna do the same with the upcoming Elsweyr DLC.
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User Info: Rammstein_Till

4 weeks ago#54
I'm not holding my breath with Bethesda when it comes to releases now. They have pissed in the bath water.
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