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User Info: Ite

4 weeks ago#161
What a racist tweet by Xbox it's disgusting.

User Info: The_Hedon

4 weeks ago#162
agentspoon posted...
The_Hedon posted...
Ite posted...
Disgusting on Xbox's part.



Thank you!
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User Info: Jiggy101011

4 weeks ago#163
Ite posted...
What a racist tweet by Xbox it's disgusting.

Racist? No
Poorly worded? Yes
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User Info: characterz3ro

4 weeks ago#164
JustinMeme posted...
I don't get it.

From my understanding, it's a group of black employees at Xbox who decided to come together through the commonality of their race and culture/upbringings, created an unofficial social community which they themselves named "Blacks at Xbox" at their places of employment, and in their free time they work to raise awareness and promote game development towards their black demographic which typically does not participate in the gaming industry, and it seems like this unofficial community has become official and gets its own webpage on the Xbox website and promotion by the official Xbox social media accounts.

What's the outrage? Seriously, I'm at a loss here.

if they were white, they would be fired and a law suit pending.
...but it's only the beta!!!

User Info: krazykiwikid

4 weeks ago#165
Flame: "OMG WTF GUYS LOOK HOW BAD MS IS!! They said this thing about people living in rural areas without internet access!! They must be lambasted for this!!"

Also flame: "Sony made a repulsive comment that s*** on disabled people and made fun of them? Oh well... maybe someone just used the wrong account. We must downplay this".

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