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User Info: nems1015

4 weeks ago#51
Yeah. What I meant was I love shooters.

Prefer fps
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User Info: Chadawah

4 weeks ago#52
Odessey is the first game in a long time that kept me couch locked. For a couple weeks I skipped some showers and didn't want to get up to eat or use the bathroom. I had to hit the gym hard after that. It ruined me.
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User Info: ill-thoughts

4 weeks ago#54
Fritzenwalden posted...
ill-thoughts posted...
nah i stopped mid way through, lost interest in the story. i mostly just played it to hunt down the Mercenaries. i mustve killed like 100 of them, was a total blast, will play again someday for sure. definitely the best RPG ive played this gen HANDS DOWN.

>Lost interest in story
>Only killed mercs
>Best RPG he played this gen

dude what

an RPG can be great even if you dont like the story. the game itself is So Great that it doesnt actually need a story to be enjoyed for 100 hours.
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User Info: AltiarLio

4 weeks ago#55
Lol y’all are salty as s***
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